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Event Management Using RFID: Streamlining Access Control & Ticketing

  • Akansha Sharma
  • Jul 20, 2023
  • RFID
Event Management Using RFID

Radio Frequency Identification technology has a variety of remarkable uses, in various industries. One popular application of this technology is providing access control. This can be used in many different situations, for example, in event management. Especially in places with large volumes of attendees; RFID access control passes work like a miracle.

In this blog, we will discuss how to manage events using RFID.

Type of RFID Tags Used in Event Access Management

Depending on factors like cost, volume of attendees, event size, etc., management can choose from three popular types of RFID tags/passes/IDs, etc., for granting access control.

These systems need to have a low range of communication to prevent misreads from other passes and only need to read the pass of the person intending to gain access to a particular area. There we use High Frequency (HF) or Near-Field Communication (NFC) readers at access points.

Let’s take a look at them.

(A). RFID Wristband

This is pretty standard, if you’ve ever been to a water park, you may remember getting a thin paper wristband at the ticketing counter. These are almost the same; the only difference is that these bands have an RF inlay inside them that facilitates automatic access control at entrance gates using NFC readers.

(B). Smart Card ID/Ticket

If you want something a bit more traditional and visible, then you can opt for ID cards with RF inlays inside of them. You can just carry the IDs in your pockets, or even better place them in a holder and tie them to a lanyard. In addition to the protection the lanyards provide against dropping the pass; they are also great for marketing purposes. The event organizers can requisition custom lanyards with their logos and brand names printed on them to promote their business.

(C). RFID Paper Passes

If you’re not interested in either of the above options, then you can just go back to basics. These paper passes are the most economically viable as they do not require any expensive manufacturing processing. These are basic paper tickets with embedded RF inlays inside of them, they just need to be programmed with a reader before giving them to the attendees.

You can just fold them and carry them in your pocket and use them at the access points to get past the security gates.

Benefits of Using RFID for Event Access Management

Now that you know about the basics of RFID technology in event access management operations; you must be thinking, what’s wrong with normal passes? Although traditional tickets are cheap and effective, they have several flaws, the biggest of which is efficiency.

But we’re not here today to bash paper tickets, so, let’s discuss the benefits of using RFID access passes for event management.

(A). Efficiency

The biggest advantage of RF technology for event access management is efficiency. Meaning, these systems significantly improve the speed at which the attendees are admitted, reducing the congestion at access points and making the whole process easier and less irritable.

(B). Accuracy & Security

In addition to making admission and granting access faster, these systems make access management far more secure than normal tickets. Unlike paper tickets that can be printed easily, it is much harder to make a fraud RF pass. This is because RF data is often encrypted, and no third person can access an NFC communication without being in very close proximity to the reader.

(C). Cost Reduction

A very important reason why RFID is so popular throughout industries is its ability to provide automation. Unlike manual security checkpoints, RF access points do not require human security personnel. This leads to a reduction in operation costs.

(D). Data Collection & Monitoring

RF technology allows organizers to have real-time data collection capabilities and monitoring over the entire event. This allows them to make changes to the systems as needed.

(E). Cashless Payment

Another great use for RF passes is that they can be used as e-wallets. Allowing attendees to leave their wallets at home when attending events.

(F). Customizable

Lastly, these passes are customizable. Unlike ink-printed tickets, RF passes can be programmed with new information by the organizers. This comes in handy in cases of upgrading an attendee’s ticket level, creating VIP areas, etc.


In the end, even though implementing RFID may induce an initial cost, with a large volume of attendees and regular events, these costs cover themselves up in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is RFID used for attendance?

RFID technology comes in handy for automating attendance systems. Instead of a physical attendance keeper and diary, it is far more efficient to create an attendance system linked to an NFC reader that can read and log the information of every employee entering and exiting the premises.

Q2. How do you use RFID at an event?

There are two popular applications of RF technology in event management, namely – Access Pass/Control, and Cashless Transaction/E-Wallet.

Q3. What are the advantages of RFID attendance?

The only issue with the RFID attendance system is the initial cost. As procuring and installing readers and ID cards can significantly increase the operation cost, initially. In addition, the cost goes into training IT employees to use the system.

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