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Pre-Printed Warranty Protection Vinyl Barcode Labels

Silver Vinyl Warrenty Barcode Label for Packaging, Product Labelling, Industrial Use

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Material: Vinyl
Packaging Type: Roll
Size: Customized
Shape: Customized
Color: Silver
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Pre-printed warranty protection vinyl barcode labels are labels that are printed with a unique barcode that is used to track the product warranty. These labels are made of durable vinyl material and feature a unique barcode that can be scanned and read by most barcode scanners. The barcode on the label is scanned at the point of sale, allowing the customer to register their warranty and have access to the warranty information when needed. These vinyl labels can also be used to track the product’s history, such as when it was purchased and how it has been serviced. 


• Pre-printed with warranty protection information 

• Customizable with company logo and/or other graphics 

• Compatible with barcode scanning systems 

• Durable and waterproof 

• Available in various sizes and shapes 

• High-quality, waterproof vinyl material 

• Permanent adhesive backing 

• Easy to apply and remove 


• Automotive Industry

• Manufacturing Industry

• Food and Beverage

• Pharmaceuticals

• Logistics

Why buy this Product?

These vinyl barcode labels offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to protect their warranties and products. The pre-printed vinyl barcode labels make it easy to track, manage and track warranty information for products. These vinyl labels are easy to apply and can be quickly scanned to retrieve warranty information.

Material Vinyl
Packaging Type Roll
Size Customized
Shape Customized
Color Silver
Surface Finish Glossy
Feature Waterproof, Non Tearable
Design Type Printed
Usage/Applicaion Packaging, Product Labelling, Shipping Label
Adhesive Type Self Adhesive

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