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Black barcode Wax Ribbon, 110mm X 74 Meters suitable for barcode and text printng

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The Wax Barcode Ribbon (black) is a thermal transfer ribbon that is designed to be used with compatible barcode printers. It is 110mm wide and 74 meters long, making it a great option for printing large batches of barcode labels in one go. The wax ribbon is designed to produce high-quality barcodes with good readability and smudge-proof resistance. It is also designed to be resistant to chemicals, heat, and water.

Application:  Shipping labels, Retail Tags, Storage labels, Product labeling, Electronics, Food and beverage, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and logistics

Color Black
Suitable For Barcode Printing
Length 74meter
Width 110 mm
Packaging Type Roll
Pattern Plain
Attributes Durable, Starch Proof, Clear Print, Heat Sensitiveant
Surface Finish Glossy
Ink side OUT

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