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QR Code applications in Marketing and Advertising

QR Code applications in Marketing and Advertising

There was a time when barcodes were ubiquitous. From FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) to retail, every item contained barcodes. We obviously didn’t understand what it was and how it was helpful, but it was everywhere. Parle-G, Doritos, clothing items, toys, even pens and pencils, it came with everything.

It provided businesses an error free option (mostly) to label articles and identify them with a unique numerical code. It was regarded as quite a revolution. Many still use barcodes to be honest but time has changed and technology has come up with many advances in the field of AIDC (automatic identification and data capture). There is QR (quick response) code now and RFID, BLE, smart cards etc. that not only are capable of identifying articles but some can track these articles in real time. And there are a lot more options with customization as well.

QR code, due to its unique ability for quick customization and easy generation, has become a go to option in the field of marketing and advertising. Businesses that are involved in marketing or digital marketing are using QR codes for creating brochures, promotional offers, coupons, even sharing QR codes digitally on their socials as well.

Advertisers are also customizing QR codes for various needs that range from simple ads that only contain a QR code to using QR code for drawing customers to a website which contains a detailed advertisement. The possibilities are limitless.

What are QR Codes?

On the surface, QR codes are not very different than Barcodes. QR codes are also barcodes except there are no bars or columns here. These are two dimensional (2D) barcodes that are shaped like a square block which contains small black dots. It is an image in simple terms but it comes with lots of features as it can be customized in several ways, encoded with text, an image, URL, a Google form, a pdf etc. Even a layman can use internet and generate a QR code in few clicks. Dynamic QR codes can be edited as well.

Using QR codes for Marketing and Advertising:

QR codes can be customized in several ways to suit various marketing and advertising needs. Various marketing and advertising agencies use QR codes to create flyers, promotional offers, coupons, brand advertising, product details etc.

Here are 10 ways to use QR codes in marketing and advertising business:

1.QR codes can be used to create leaflets that contain a URL or image for detailed advertisement.

2.QR codes can be printed on products like clothes, wine bottles, arts which not only contain product information but also the story of the product like how it was created, who created it etc.

3.Restaurants can create digital menus and specials using QR codes and advertise that on socials for engaging more customers.

4.QR codes are used on business cards and ids.

5.Hotel use QR code for marketing their services like spa, pool, and therapy seasons available at the premises.

6.QR codes are often printed on entry or exit doors of eateries which contain information on working hours and holidays. This improves customer experience.

7.Retail stores use QR codes to advertise offers available with them on various occasions. Member discount coupons are also generated in QR form.

8.Dynamic QR codes (that can be edited) are mailed to customers for shopping offers that last over weeks. 

9.Digital promotions can be created using QR codes which can be shared online for better reach.

10.QR codes can be used for promoting websites of businesses by adding URL to the QR codes.

It’s worth pointing out that we’re seeing an increasing amount of QR code applications post 2017 when Apple Inc integrated QR code scanner in their smartphones (iphones) and tablets (ipads). Various other smartphone manufacturing companies followed suit and QR code became an easy choice over barcodes which still need to be read by an optical barcode scanners.

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  • Created on Feb 16, 2023

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