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HF/Mifare Staff PVC ID Cards

Frequency: 13.56 Mhz, RFID White PVC Access Card, Size: 54mm x 86mm, double sided printing card for Staff ID, Membership ID and access control

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Operationg Frequency: Mifare, 13.56Mhz
Material: PVC
Type: Double side printing
Size: 54mm x 86mm
Thickness: 2mm
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Mifare Staff ID PVC Printed Card operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and includes read/write capabilities and ISO/IEC14443 Type A compliance. Whether you run a corporate business or a supermarket shop, ID cards are a must to inculcate a sense of uniformity among the employees.  We facilitate your accomplish that with premium quality ID cards. you'll now customize ID cards and add as many custom elements as you want. Include your company logo, tagline, name, and employee details on these cards.

RFID PVC Cards provide much access to the employees such as attendance in office, canteen access, entry or exit premises. These cards are Waterproof, Scratch Resistance and they are chemical coated which gives your card a unique look, and have a superb read range of up to 10-12 meters (depending upon the reader). 

Application: Student Verifications, Membership Management, Campus Security Management, Access Control(Parking, Building, Large Areas), and more.

Operationg Frequency Mifare, 13.56Mhz
Material PVC
Type Double side printing
Size 54mm x 86mm
Thickness 2mm
Surface Finish Glossy
Shape Rectangular
Color White
Attributes Fine Finish, Scratch Resistant, High Quality Plastic
Product Mifare Staff ID PVC Printed Card

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