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Office Stationery Items, You Must Have

Office Stationery Items

Going back to the office or still working from home, both need an organized table with some necessary supplies. Imagine having a boring day and you start putting motivational quotes on a sticky note or maybe using highlighters to pen down your schedule. Will they make it interesting? Maybe yes, and cherry on the top it will make you creative. Some day you will struggle to find a paper to note new ideas or run back to your cabin for not carrying a pen. These problems can make your happy day go into the vent in no time.

Here is a checklist of some basic stationary things you must have on your table. Try it once, it will change your work mood.


Even in the digital era, you need a pen to note things down, especially in meetings whether they are online or offline. You must need a pen to note them down. A pen is required for each meeting, whether it is a conference, a sales meeting, a presentation, or any other meeting. Make it a point to choose a pen that is appropriate for you. Do not limit yourself to one pen. You can carry pens with several inks so that you can switch pens depending on the situation. Mark different things with a different color. You can also carry a pencil, maybe you need to do some rough edits on documents or your schedule.


You need something to note them down. Journal is the most important one need on their desk. They are best to keep your words safe. Not only words but they are also used to draw, graph, doodle and sketch. Maybe not for work but for keeping your mind fresh. They help you to keep your things in one place. Fit them in your bag or your hand, they are easy to carry. You should use them to write down your checklist or schedule to motivate you

Desk organizer

Did you lose your pen again? Favorite pen? This is a problem then, get a desk organizer. Keeping everything in its proper place not only helps you organize better but also improves your attitude at work. As a result, a desktop stationery organizer is a must-have for professionals. It will help you to increase your work speed too as you will not waste time searching for things. You will not lose your favorite pen or highlighter this way.

White Papers

It's not a bad idea to have some white paper or A4 sheets on hand. Papers may always help you get the stuff out of your head, and you can always give your ideas a shape on paper. Papers can be used for brainstorming, creating illustrations, and writing down ideas. When you have to convey someone something, it is good to send it in a clear form on white paper sheets.


Envelopes are in handy when sending checks, invitations, business cards, and even company advertisements. You may lose your important documents or mingle them with another piece of paper. Help yourself by putting them in an envelope. They will keep them safe and separate.

Stapler and paper clip

The best approach to attach the documents is with staplers and paper clips. Make sure you buy a lot of clips and staples so you can staple all of your work or receipts in one day. Staplers can also be used to remove pins. Flyers and other notices can be pinned to the notice board with large staplers.

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  • Created on May 05, 2022

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