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Five-Point Checklist Before You Decide Your Rooftop Solar System

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Do you want to switch to solar energy? Thinking to install a solar power system? Are you confused about where to start?

If yes, then this blog is for you. Photovoltaic cells are used in solar panels to turn the sun's energy into electricity. Photovoltaic cells are sandwiched between layers of silicon or other semi-conducting materials. Each layer has unique electrical properties that activate when exposed to photons from the sun, resulting in an electric field. This is known as the photoelectric effect, and it is this that generates the current required for energy production. A direct current of electricity is produce by solar panels.

If you are considering rooftop solar panels for the electricity generation of your building, then you must go through this checklist. This will help you to figure out the parameters on which you can make your decision.  


Before buying a rooftop solar plant, you need to check certain things about your roof. You have to make sure that it can bear the weight of panels with mounting. It may weigh 10-20kg. Check out for the object that might become an interruption between the panel and sunlight. You also look for the best direction to organise them, as it will affect the efficiency of the product. You must go for the professional inspection and choose a free site survey.


The power system's electrical and mechanical equipment during the installation can cause any damage to the product. Several potential issues may arise during the installation of your solar panels that you may not be aware of. It's critical to have the correct insurance policy in place to cover any damage. It is advisable to go with the one with an insurance policy.


The government want the country to progress in renewable energy development. To promote this both the federal and state governments doing different efforts to make people aware of this and motivate them to switch to solar energy. They are providing attractive subsidies as well as covering a portion of the price that you pay to the developer for the installation of a solar power system. You must check the subsidy of your government and go according to its conditions.


Usually, solar panels come with a ten-year manufacturing warranty that covers manufacturing faults during that time, as well as security on a performance warranty from the manufacturer that can last up to 25 years. The solar system contains various elements and parts that must come under the warranty to ensure no investment during returns.


Keeping the solar power system function a land in good shape is very important so that it can work fine for a long time. For this goal, proper maintenance is required. Although they do need require any major maintenance from you, but time to time service will ensure its working. Check and look for the maintenance protocols before the installation begins so that you can ensure preventive maintenance and periodic cleaning of solar panels from your developer.

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  • Created on Apr 18, 2022

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