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How to buy best Solar Panels?

How to buy best Solar Panels?

Deciding to install a Solar panel is comparatively an easy decision than thinking about which one to install. You took an appreciable decision of switching to a solar system. Rest depend upon the solar system you will go for. This is an expensive investment but with great returns. This is a long term investment and you must be careful, and calculative while selecting your system.

This blog will help you to create criteria for your options. Here are some points that you must keep in mind while buying and installing your solar system.


The very first point in your checklist. The efficiency of the system will decide its output. The quantity of sunlight a solar panel converts into power per unit of the area determines its efficiency. When a solar panel's efficiency improves, the overall efficiency of the rooftop solar system improves as well. It will also help you to calculate the number of solar panels required for your roof. You must be aware of your basic requirement so that you can choose the most efficient one in your budget. This way you may not end up spending extra or over the efficient system.


Looking at the investment, one wants the best result for a long period without any further expenditure. You must go for the one offering you the best warranty. Check whether your system has any certifications. You should check this in every solar system you are planning to buy. The certifications show what kind of testing the panels have undergone. Certain types are eligible for government refunds. You can go for them too. This will help you cover some costs of the installation of solar panels.


When solar panels are overheated, they usually age faster. While sunlight is necessary for solar panels to perform properly, high temperatures can cause them to degrade. The reaction and performance of solar panels under high temperatures are assessed by the temperature coefficient. When deciding on the best solar panels for your home, consider how hot the panels will become and use that to estimate their efficiency on your rooftop. The good news is that unless your solar panels are subjected to extreme heat, the reduction in efficiency will be minimal, even on a hot summer day.


Solar panels are usually made in a way to tolerate harsh conditions. Your solar system has to undergo storms, heavy rain and unfavourable climate change. Although most solar panels are extremely durable, if you live in a location with a lot of snow or high winds, you need to be sure that the panels you install are designed to survive those conditions. It will allow your system to survive more and live longer. Although this system does not require any major maintenance it must be able to work properly in every condition.

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  • Created on Apr 18, 2022

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