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8 Important Benefits of Solar Energy

Important Benefits of Solar Energy

The sun is going to be there for a long-long time, which means the energy offered by the sun is clean as well as infinite. The energy produced by the sun can be converted into electricity or heat. The sun offers abundant heat, which thanks to technological advancement can be harnessed to take care of our heating and electricity needs. 

Here we outline 8 important benefits of solar energy 

Environment-friendly source of energy 

Solar energy is the most environment-friendly source of energy as it has a minimal negative impact on the environment in comparison to other sources of energy. Like fossil fuels, it does not generate any greenhouse gases nor does it pollute water bodies. Moreover, it does not require any water for maintenance as is the case with nuclear energy where nuclear-powered requires a huge amount of water.  Additionally, solar energy production apart from air and water pollution also does not generate any noise pollution, which is another major incentive to opt for solar energy.

Lowers your electricity bill 

Generating electricity from the solar panels installed on your roof means that you are not dependent on your local utility company for your energy needs. Also, meeting a considerable portion of your energy needs through solar energy means that your monthly electricity bills get drastically reduced. Energy bills consume a significant portion of our monthly budget, and the money thus saved can be put to some other use.  

Energy Production during peak hours 

A major portion of the country has a hot and humid climate. We need fans and coolers for at least six to seven months a year. The demand for energy goes through the roof from April to June when scorching sun and humidity make life unbearable. The demand tends to be higher during the 11:00-16:00 time frame when the sun shines the brightest. Now, what happens if you have solar panels installed? Since the sun is burning with all its might for these 4-5 hours, the energy produced will also be maximum.  You can freely run your air conditioners and fans without any fear of sky-high electricity bills destabilizing your monthly budget.

Solar Energy can be generated anywhere 

As long as there is sunshine, you can have solar energy.  This assumes added significance in remote regions that lack access to any other source of electricity. remote regions with no access to any other source of electricity. 

Solar systems installed in these regions can produce a considerable amount of energy which in turn can improve the lives of millions of people.

No fear of energy wastage during transportation 

Around 3-5% of the electricity is wasted during transportation and distribution. In fact, the chances of wastage go up further with the increasing distance between the production site and the final supply destination. The losses may look of little significance, but they can negatively impact the distribution of energy in areas that are densely populated. In contrast, solar panels are generally installed on rooftops which means no energy is lost during transportation.

Greater cost savings over time 

The initial cost of installing solar panels may be high, but please remember that it is a one-time cost. Also, different government schemes and subsidies reduce the installation cost to a significant extent. More importantly, solar panels are extremely durable and very easy to maintain. They require little or no maintenance over their productive lifetime, which can be anywhere between 25-30 years. You just need to clean them occasionally to remove gathered dust and dirt.  

More Safe 

Electricity transmitted through power grids can be dangerous. There’s always the danger of loose connections and dangling wires endangering lives and limbs. Solar energy is safer that way as electricity just needs to travel a short distance. 

Increasing efficiency 

A lot of R&D activities is being carried out in the field of renewable energy. Rapid technological advancement in the field has contributed to the enhanced efficiency and durability of solar panels. What it means is that you can generate more energy with decreasing solar panels. It means more energy in less space.  

Job Creation 

Solar energy also helps in job creation. Solar panels are manufactured in factories and installed on rooftops. Everything from manufacturing to installation help in job creation, thereby boosting the economy and aiding in community upliftment.   


The cost of electricity keeps increasing. Also, the power supply becomes more erratic during peak summertime. Solar energy reduces your dependence on your local electricity supplier and also allows you to freely use your electrical appliances such as AC, fridge, microwave, etc. without fear of back-breaking electricity bills.

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  • Created on May 04, 2022
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