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Connect us for the long range of solar products and solar energy solutions like solar panels, INVT, VFD's, charge controllers, DC wires, solar ware pumps (Submersible & Monoblock), solar power plants etc... for commercial, agriculture and home uses.

DC Wires & MC4 Solar PV Cable Connectors

DC Wires & MC4 Solar PV Cable Connectors

    Solar panel are the source of direct current (dc). It is strongly advisable to use dc wire & MC4 connectors for connecting solar panels. It increases efficiency and works in outdoor condition as it is UV protected.

  • Better UV & Ozone resistance and improved weather resistance in adverse conditions
  • Improved Mechanical properties of the cables in elevated temperature conditions
  • Improved Oil & Chemical resistance, improved crack resistance
  • MC4 connectors prevents any unwanted release of the MC4-plug connection
  • Once joined, you can release the plug connection only with a suitable tool

Monoblock (Surface) Solar Water Pumps

  • Power ranges from 1HP to 10HP
  • Head ranges from 5 meters to 25 meters
  • Discharge rates uoto 900LPM
  • AC & DC powered motar pump
  • Applications - gardens, apartments, small farms, hospitals, hotels, agriculture, and farm-houses.
Monoblock (Surface) Solar Water Pumps

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