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Some Benefits of Solar in India

Some Benefits of Solar in India

People are now moving more rapidly towards solar energy because they care for environment safety and more other factors related with it.

India is trying more to move towards sustainable development, and has emerged as one of the leading generators of solar energy in the world.

There has been a significant transformation in India of rooftop solar market from advancement in technology to quality of components to different material and installation costs. With all these things solar rooftop model has developed as one of the most sustainable and reliable solar power generation model. There are various benefits of solar energy in India including:

•   Helping Distribution Companies (DISCOMs): The rooftop solar model plays a vital role in helping distribution companies (DISCOMs) by reducing the peak time demand and decrease transmission and distribution losses related to power consumption at the point of generation. This model helps in avoiding commercial investments linked with transmission systems. Most necessary, it works as a consistent, long-term, and reliable source of power for consumers as it reduces the dependence on grid power and diesel generators.

•   Offers option of Net-metering: Most of the states in India offer Net-metering schemes on solar rooftop model; in this the consumer has the option to sell the excess energy to the grid. This model helps and encourages consumers to be energy dependent and also helps them to generate extra income.

•   Offers Cost Savings: This model of rooftop solar system is extremely cost-effective when we compare it with industrial and commercial electricity. The tariff rates are cheap by up to 25 percent as compared to with the Descom’s rates. With the help of rooftop solar model the residential sector can supply electricity directly to their buildings through the grid. This model has proved to be not only cost effective in terms of tariff rates but also be more consistent in the longer run.

•   The Rise of RESCO Model: There has been a rise in demand in the commercial and industrial sectors for rooftop solar installations in India. The demand has came by the adoption of the RESCO (Renewable Energy Service Company) model; in this model it allows consumers to avail lower tariffs as compared to grid tariff rates without charging any upfront capital overheads. In India this model is successfully implemented in high and low-rise buildings and at individual houses.

•   Increases Access In Remote Areas: Most of the areas in India be it urban and rural areas where proper access to electricity is not available; the rooftop solar model serves as the most affordable and reliable source of electricity. They are also as cost effective and also safer when we compare it to other alternatives such as diesel generators.

•   Utilizes Existing Space: Benefits of solar energy in India is that it usually requires a large amount of land to install panels and other devices. In rooftop, the installation of solar panel is done by using the existing space that is available on the roof top of a building, this helps in minimizing the need to invest in buying additional land. Also, these panels offer protection to the roof where they are installed.

•   Low Maintenance: The rooftop solar model needs very low annual maintenance and recurring costs, because it do not require any moving parts or fuel. This solar system only requires annual maintenance and replacement of batteries every 3-5 years if there are off-grid systems.

•   Green Source Of Energy: This solar rooftop model has very low pollution risks to the environment as compared to conventional sources of energy. There is no such fuel used that emits harmful gases to generate electricity also they do not produce any noise. That is why adopting the rooftop solar model reduce carbon footprints and also helps to the preservation of the environment.

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  • Created on Jun 23, 2022

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