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Bluetooth Wireless General Duty Barcode Scanner

1D Decode Capabilities, Long Battery Life, Single Scan Line, up to 45000 number of scans, IP Rating 42, High-speed scanning, Laser barcode scanner

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Scan Pattern: Single Scan Line
Decode Capability: 1D
Dimension: 18mm x 66mm x 92mm
Number of Scans: 45000
Bluetooth Specifications: v2.1
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A Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner is a tool used to quickly and accurately capture the information contained in barcodes. This type of device allows users to move freely while they scan the barcodes of products and goods, eliminating the need to remain in front of a traditional wired scanner. Bluetooth wireless barcode scanners are easily paired with mobile or desktop devices via Bluetooth technology while still providing a reliable, quick, and secure data capture.
Scan Pattern Single Scan Line
Decode Capability 1D
Dimension 18mm x 66mm x 92mm
Number of Scans 45000
Bluetooth Specifications v2.1
Bluetooth Yes
Form Factor Curved
Power Connector Type Cordless

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