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High Frequency, 13.56 MHz, RFID Disc Tag, up to 6cm read range, Waterproof, Scratch resistant, for Security Patrol, Pallet Tracking

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HF/Mifare RFID Disc Tag is made of robust ABS material and it’s waterproof and Scratch resistant so that it can be used in an industrial or outside harsh environment. The HF Disc tags can be with a metal layer, to make the tag can work on the metal surface, these tags are available with a 13.56MHz  NFC chip like Mifare 1K. The tag has a perfect performance in asset or tool tracking, inventory control, and security patrol, it is available in various sizes and colors and install by using a screw, rivet, or nail, also can be attached to objects using a 3M adhesive.
Operationg Frequency 13.56 Mhz
Diameter 30mm
Thickness 4mm
Material ABS
Read Range upto 6cm (reader dependent)
Temperature -20 Degree C to +60 Degree C
Features Waterproof, Scratch Resistant, Chemical Resistant
Installation Adhesive, with 3M sticker or Screw
Color Black

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