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2D Barcode Scanner, Wired, Easiy scan barcodes on screen, 500 MP Scan Rate, Fast and accurate scanning, Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS

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Connectivity Type: Wired(Corded)
Type of operation: Hands Free
Dimension: 100mm x 78mm x 165mm
Batteries: 2 12V batteries
Operating System: ?Linux
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FB1700 Laser Wired Desktop Barcode Scanner is specially designed to offer high-performance data capture and catalog data as accurately as possible. It can easily scan popular QR codes, DATA MATRIX, and 2D barcodes from paper, even if the printing is poor or there are scratches. It is designed to perform better in terms of faster scanning and higher precision than other similar products. This barcode scanner is compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux OS, and reaches up to 100 scans per second.

Application: POS System for Shops, Supermarket, Logistics, Libraries, Warehouses, etc.

Connectivity Type Wired(Corded)
Type of operation Hands Free
Dimension 100mm x 78mm x 165mm
Batteries 2 12V batteries
Operating System ?Linux
Scan Rate ?500 MP
Power Source Corded Electric
Working current 3.3Vx200mA
Standby current 18uA-5mA
Charging Power 5V-400mA
Decoding Speed 500 Scans/sec
Reading Angle Scanning Angle 360°
Storage 100,000 barcodes

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