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Bluetooth 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) Standard, Upto 100m read range, IP Rating-67, Easy setup, Battery power supply, 4dBm output power

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Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Frequency Band: 2.4 ISM band
Size: 40 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm
IP rating: IP67
Power Supply: Battery
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Nimble BLE Beacon is an innovative Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology designed to help businesses engage with their customers in a more interactive way. It is a small, battery-powered device that transmits a Bluetooth signal at regular intervals, which allows businesses to detect the presence of customers in a given area. The beacon can be used to send out notifications or messages to customers or to provide contextual information about the environment or products in the surrounding area. Nible BLE Beacon is easy to install and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Bluetooth Standard Bluetooth 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Frequency Band 2.4 ISM band
Size 40 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm
IP rating IP67
Power Supply Battery
Replaceable Yes (Field replaceable)
Type CR2032 (3V, lithium)
Expected Battery Life 1 to 5 Years
Read Range Up to 100m
Current Consumption 5.3mA – 7.5mA – TX at +4dBm output power
Size Tolerance 1mm
Weight : 25gm (0.88 ounce)
Antenna Type High Performance Chip Antenna
Radiation Pattern Omnidirectional

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