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865–867 MHz frequency band, USB Interace, RF output power up to 30dbm, Plug and Play installation, for Personnel Tracking in Manufacturing Plants, Library Security

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Operationg Frequency: 865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Air Interface Protocol: ISO 18000-6C EPC Clas 1 Gen 2
Read Range: 0-300 mm
Write Range: 0-100 mm
Protection Grade: IP 40
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UHF Desktop-based USB reader & writer generally used for tag registration, encoding, and activation. These USB RFID readers which is a short-range RFID readers that can be easily placed on a tabletop or near your workstation. They are more reliable and portable in nature and can be used in demanding environments and even in crowded areas, even in crowded areas, and can be carried easily because of their compact design and quick installation method. It is used for quick tag authentication, tag read and write, activation, and tag blocking.

Application: Personnel Tracking in Manufacturing Plants, Library Security, Access Control, and Toll plaza automation

Operationg Frequency 865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Air Interface Protocol ISO 18000-6C EPC Clas 1 Gen 2
Read Range 0-300 mm
Write Range 0-100 mm
Protection Grade IP 40
RF Power Output 0-30dBm
Dimension 160 mm x 110 mm x 40 mm
Input Power Supply DC 6V power adapter
Operating Temperature -25°C to +70°C

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