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DS9908R RFID Capable Hybrid Handheld Barcode Scanner by Zebra

DS9908R RFID Capable Hybrid Handheld Barcode Scanner by Zebra

As barcoding technology remains one of the most popular ways to label assets in the retail industry, having a good barcode reader, designed by Zebra Technologies, USA, offers a great advantage. Barcode labels attached to retail assets allow retailers to not just streamline POS operations in stores but also barcoding play an important role in inventory management. Whether it is gate-in or gate-out of supplies, stocking inventory at racks and shelves, putaway, pick up, reshuffling, or dispatch, barcode technology automates the entire inventory management operations. Since barcode technology has been in use for years now, particularly in the retail industry since it was introduced in 1972, in a retail store in Ohio, USA, the technology has matured and been adopted universally.


The DS9908R RFID capable Hybrid Handheld Barcode Scanner by Zebra is a cutting-edge device that combines the power of barcode scanning and RFID technology, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses across various industries including retail, healthcare, supply chain and manufacturing, etc. The IP42 rating offers it protection against solid and liquid ingress as well. 

The Zebra DS9900 hybrid barcode scanners come in 4 different models namely DS9908, DS9908-HD, DS9908R, and DS9908R-HD. The DS9908R-HD is RFID read/write capable and suitable for pharmacy and lab-environments.

Let’s explore the features and benefits of this innovative scanner by Zebra Technologies. 


Features of Zebra DS9908R RFID-Barcode Scanner 

1.Zebra DS9908R comes with Hybrid Functionality

The DS9908R Scanner by Zebra is equipped with both 1D/2D barcode scanning capabilities and RFID reading functionality, providing users with the flexibility to handle a wide range of data capture requirements. The dual-mode operation streamlines workflows and eliminates the need for separate devices, optimizing efficiency and reducing operational costs. The RFID scanning feature in a handheld barcode scanner is of great use at retail POS. It streamlines POS operations and cuts short long queues. 


2. Advanced RFID Capabilities in Zebra DS9908R

With support for EPCglobal UHF Gen 2 V2 UHF RFID tags, the DS9908R enables businesses to efficiently track and manage inventory, assets, and merchandise. Its high-performance RFID reader delivers rapid tag identification and data capture, empowering organizations to accurately monitor stock levels, prevent stockouts, and enhance overall inventory management. The high RFID read rate and long-range scanning without a clear line of sight add to the scanning advantage and make for seamless POS and healthcare operations. 


3. Superior Barcode Scanning Performance

The barcode scanner DS9908R by Zebra boasts best-in-class scanning technology and a 1280 * 800 pixels image sensor, enabling rapid and accurate capture of barcodes, including damaged, poorly printed, or challenging codes.

 Its omnidirectional scanning functionality ensures seamless reading from any angle, enhancing productivity in high-volume scanning environments.


4. Intuitive User Interface

The DS9908R barcode-RFID scanner by Zebra also features a user-friendly design with an ergonomic grip, intuitive aiming, and a bright, easy-to-read display, facilitating effortless operation for users across diverse skill levels. Its customizable feedback indicators, such as LED lights and audible alerts, enhance user productivity and accuracy. One can use it as a handheld scanner as well as hands-free by placing it in the cradle and using it as a presentation barcode scanner.

5. Seamless Connectivity

The scanner seamlessly integrates with various devices and networks, enabling real-time data transmission and facilitating smooth communication with enterprise systems, POS terminals, and mobile devices. The advanced PRZM intelligence imaging, all kinds of barcode and QR code scanning, and RFID scanning features make it a sensible choice in the retail and healthcare industry. 


6. Durable Build Quality

The Zebra DS9908R barcode and RFID tag scanner are designed and built for high durability. It comes with an IP 42 rating for ingress protection and it is designed to withstand up to 2000 tumbles in 1.4 feet tumbler. The device is also safe against multiple 5 feet of drops in concrete. 


7. EAS Tag Deactivation at POS

The DS9908R scanner by Zebra also comes with EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Tag detection and allows one to easily deactivate EAS tags at POS. This adds to the benefits and improves productivity. 


Benefits of DS9908R RFID and Barcode Scanner by Zebra

1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency


The DS9908R streamlines data capture processes, accelerating inventory management, asset tracking, and point-of-sale operations. Its multi-functional capabilities enable businesses to consolidate their data capture infrastructure, reducing complexity and improving operational agility.

2. Improved Inventory Visibility with RFID scanning


Leveraging RFID technology, the scanner offers businesses with real-time visibility into their inventory, enabling accurate stock counts, efficient replenishment, and proactive stock monitoring. This heightened visibility minimizes stock discrepancies and optimizes supply chain management. With RFID scanning, the scanner acts as a single solution that can manage all the POS operations. One can easily commission RFID tags on returned apparel and new items for faster processing. Overall, it’s a multifunctional, high-performing device best suited for retail, supply chain, manufacturing, education, and healthcare businesses. 


3. Empowered Decision-Making with Zebra DS9908R

The DS9908R equips businesses with valuable data insights, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. With this Zebra DS9900 series barcode and RFID scanner, businesses can capture data, accurately and timely, which empowers them to identify trends, optimize stock levels, and enhance customer service, ultimately driving profitability and competitiveness. The high-performing barcode OEM scan engine and RFID engine make it an obvious choice for most businesses. 


4. Future-Proof Investment

Zebra Technologies, USA, is a prominent AIDC firm that is known for designing and manufacturing industry best RFID readers, antennas as well as barcode scanners, printers, etc. Zebra's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that the DS9908R is a future-proof investment, capable of adapting to evolving industry standards and technological advancements. The device can be used as a handheld as well as a hands-free scanner for operational efficiency and flexibility. 




Finally, the DS9908R RFID Capable Hybrid Handheld Barcode Scanner by Zebra represents a paradigm shift in data capture technology, offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates barcode scanning and RFID capabilities. With its advanced features like RFID and 1D/2D barcode scanning, EAS tag detection, and tangible benefits, this scanner empowers businesses to optimize their operations and drive growth and success in today's competitive marketplace.

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  • Created on Jun 11, 2024

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