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Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Printing Industry, Manufactures, Traders and Exporters

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Thermal Printing Wax Ribbon is a type of thermal transfer ribbon used to print text, graphics, and barcodes directly onto a variety of substrates. It features a special wax-based formula that is designed to provide superior print quality, reliability, and durability. The ribbon measures 44mm wide and 300 meters long and is designed for use with thermal printing applications. The ribbon has a long shelf life and will provide consistent results throughout its life. It is also heat, scratch, and chemical resistant, making it ideal for use on substrates such as plastic, metal, and paper. It is commonly used in barcode printing, postcard printing, and ticket printing.

Application/Usage: Shipping labels, Warning labels, Retail Tags, Storage labels, Product labeling, Electronics, Appliances, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, etc

Colour Silver & Black
Size 44mm x 300m
Thickness 2-5 mm
Packaging Type Roll
Material Wax
Surface Finish Glossy
Usage Barcode Printing
Ink side Out
Attributes Durable, Starch Proof, Clear Print, Heat Sensitive

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