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Comparing Zebra RFD40 and RFD8500 RFID Handheld SLED Readers

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Apr 26, 2024
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Comparing Zebra RFD40 and RFD8500 RFID Handheld SLED Readers: Differences and Similarities

“The Zebra RFD40 handheld SLED offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and 1D/2D barcode scanning and a higher read rate and battery while the Zebra RFD8500 comes with Bluetooth and barcode scanning and less read rate and a battery capacity of 4410 mAh.”

RFID handheld readers are known for their portable use cases offering great efficiency and ease of use in tag-intensive environments where the lightweight, ergonomic design of handheld readers makes it possible to use these readers for long hours. 

Handheld scanners offer great flexibility in warehouse management, inventory control, auditing, item count, and item finding applications and the workers can just press a trigger button and locate any RFID-tagged asset within the range of up to 15m. It also makes moving around and carrying out an inventory-wide cyclic auditing quite seamless. 

RFID handheld readers also come in SLED configurations where you can attach a smartphone to the handheld RFID scanner for better insights into the data. You can view the scanned data on the screen in real time, which makes for an efficient scanning process. 

When it comes to purchasing a UHF RFID handheld reader, there are various RFID brands like Zebra Technologies, Chainway, TSL, etc. offering distinct RFID handheld scanners at different prices. Zebra Technologies is a reputed USA-based brand that excels at AIDC technologies offering all kinds of RFID and Barcode scanners, printers, and software solutions. It is a market-leading firm in RFID handheld readers that are great for all kinds of retail, healthcare, and warehousing applications. 

The Zebra RFD40 and RFD8500 RFID Readers are two great choices in handheld RFID reader categories. These RFID handheld scanners are designed as SLED Readers and can be attached to a smartphone as well. Let’s get to know about these two in detail.

Zebra RFD40 Handheld SLED Reader

The Zebra RFD40 RFID handheld scanner is an innovative solution designed to unlock efficiency and flexibility in AIDC applications in retail, healthcare, and warehousing operations. The UHF RFID handheld SLED easily connects with compatible third-party smartphones, tablets, etc., and offers enterprise-class UHF RFID and barcode (1D/2D) scanning. It is available in 3 handheld variants as follows:

1.RFD40 RFID Handheld Scanner Standard

2. RFD40 RFID Handheld Scanner Premium

3. RFD40 RFID Handheld Scanner Premium Plus

Comparing Zebra RFD40 and RFD8500 RFID Handheld SLED Readers

Zebra RFD8500 Handheld SLED Reader

The RFD8500 Handheld RFID Reader is an advanced UHF RFID SLED scanner offering high performance in high tag volume settings. It is a higher-end RFID handheld scanner by Zebra Technologies and offers network connectivity with Bluetooth 2.1 and UHF RFID and barcode scanning capabilities, all in one. 

The differences between the Zebra RFD40 Handheld Reader and RFD8500 RFID SLED Reader

Although both devices are designed and manufactured by Zebra Technologies, there are plenty of differences in terms of build quality, variants, features, and performance. Both the UHF RFID Readers are complaint with EPCglobal gen2 v 2 and ISO 18000-63 communication protocols. Both can easily scan UHF (865-867MHz) tags remotely, from a distance of more than 20 feet. These devices are drop tested and the rugged design offers heavy duty scanning in high volume applications. 

The main differences between the two are as follows:

1.Zebra RFD40 UHF RFID Handheld Reader comes in three variants namely RFD40 Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus. These three differ in technical features and costs. 

2. When it comes it network connectivity, the RFD40 handheld SLED reader offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC tap-to-pair only in the RFD40 Premium and Premium Plus Readers. The RFD40 standard variant does not come with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC features.

3. The 1D and 2D barcode scanning feature is only available with the Zebra RFD40 Premium Plus variant and not with the standard and premium variant. It comes with a SE4100 imager for efficient barcode scanning in challenging environments.

4. The Zebra RFD8500 Handheld scanner also features 1D/2D barcode scanning capabilities but it comes with SE4710 imager with PRZM intelligent imaging sensor. 

5. The Read Rate is also different in RFD40 and RFD8500 RFID handheld readers. The Zebra RFD40 handheld SLEDs offer a read rate of 1300+ tags per second and the RFD8500 handheld SLED offers a read rate of 900+ tags per second. Both the readers offer a read range of 20+ feet.

6. Talking about battery, The RFD40 RFID SLEDs offer a 7000mAh battery capacity whereas the RFD8500 RFID Handheld SLED comes with a 4410mAh battery Li-Ion battery. 

7. The Zebra RFD45 RFID handheld reader comes with IP54 sealing providing protection against 15-degree vertical water sprays whereas the RFD8500 comes with an IP54 rating, providing protection against water and dust from all directions, even in outdoor environments.

8. When it comes to cost, the RFD45 premium and premium plus handheld readers are priced at a higher cost than the RFD8500 RFID reader due to more features and comparatively advanced performance.

9. Based on the features of RFD40 (Standard, Premium and Premium Plus) and RFD8500, the RFD40 standard is only suitable for RFID applications where QR Codes or barcodes are not scanned, such as laundry management, tool tracking, item finding, etc. The RFD40 Premium and Premium Plus variants and RFD8500 RFID Readers are suitable for various applications in warehouse management, inventory tracking, file tracking, retail operations, healthcare, etc. 

The Zebra RFD8500 RFID handheld reader comes in only one variant.

The RFD8500, on the other hand, comes with Bluetooth connectivity and batch mode.

To conclude, Zebra RFD40 and RFD8500 RFID Readers are designed for higher performance with proprietary Zebra RFID engine and offer great performance in indoor and outdoor settings. Both the RFID readers differ in cost, features, and performance as RFD40 is an advanced model and comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC features as well as barcode 1D/2D scanning capabilities while RFD8500 offers necessary features such as Bluetooth and barcode scanning. 

If you’re looking to purchase Zebra RFID handheld readers, be it RFD40 or RFD8500 RFID SLEDs, kindly visit the inquiry page or contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ page. 

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