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BLE Wearables: BLE in Fitness Trackers

BLE Fitness Trackers

According to Grand View research the global Wearable market was valued at USD 61.3B in year 2022 and it is estimated that the wearable market will grow at CAGR of 14.6% post 2023 to 2030.

The rise in wearable market is, to a great extent, attributed to changing lifestyle as people are now more fitness conscious (it doesn’t mean that more people are exercising now than before). The 2-3 years long pandemic only brought our worst fears to the surface. The lockdowns made us realize the value of going out, meeting friends but we also became self conscious towards our health. 

At present, tons of wearable devices are available that can help us monitor our sleep hours,  heart-rate, blood glucose, our running speed, no. of steps we took, our body temperature, and even our water intake throughout the day.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a low power consuming IoT technology that is driving the wearable market. Let’s see how..

BLE as an IOT

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) was developed in 2006 by Nokia and then known as Wibree, to have everything other short range communication standards lacked especially low power consumption.

In 2010, Wibree was upgraded into BLE by SIG (Special Interest Group) with the launch of Bluetooth 4.0.

The reason BLE uses lesser amount of power than Bluetooth classic is because it uses only 3 RF channels to advertise and doesn’t spend time to scan through many channels like Bluetooth classic. 

At present BLE is the de facto technology that is suitable for all kinds of wearables that need to connect to a smartphone. With its small battery that lasts few years, BLE doesn’t increase the weight of the product, providing customers with light weight wrist watches, bands, fitness trackers and even eyewares amongst others.

BLE Wearables

BLE wearables in the form of smartwatch, fitness trackers, Sunglasses, ear-worn devices are witnessing a robust growth led by huge consumer demand and lifestyle changes. BLE smart devices are even used on apparels to make smart clothing as well.

Various smart wearables are also popular in healthcare sector as well. People use these devices to monitor heart-rate, blood glucose, oxygen intake etc. BLE enabled proximity based sensor are also available in the form of wrist bands that are used on patients to track their location and help them in case of an emergency.

The BLE fitness tracker and smartwatch market is suddenly being surpassed by smart eyeware demands.

 BLE in Fitness Trackers:

Typically the need to track fitness has been around for quite some time now as people do prefer to keep tabs on their fitness and periodic fitness test was the way to go. But the rise of smartphones and sharp change in people’s lifestyle from what it was 20 years ago has given rise to smart wearable devices.

People are now extremely dependent on these small wearable devices that come in the form of smart watch, fitness trackers, smart eye glasses, and even smart earphones.

Small size of BLE chip and battery make it the most suitable technology for fitness trackers and companies like Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, etc. are making these products. The pervasive use of smartphones by men, women and children and BLE enabled fitness trackers make a great pair as the fitness tracker can send the fitness updates on the smartphone itself.

Various brands and vendors are focusing on sports section as well. Ergonomically curated fitness trackers that are built to last even under challenging sports environment are being designed to enhance the market of smart fitness trackers to sports and other categories.

Benefits of Fitness trackers

BLE fitness tracker transmits your fitness data to your smartphone on a regular interval. For people who like to constantly measure their heart-rate, BLE fitness tracker is an elegant solution which comes with ECG app and it also comes with a GPS built in to track your location.

Whether you’re running or hiking on a mountain, a fitness tracker updates you about your oxygen level, your pace and your fitness goals. You can personalize your fitness tracker with daily fitness goals and your sleep schedules as well.

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  • Created on Apr 14, 2023

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