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RFID Automated Boom Barrier System

  • Akansha Sharma
  • Dec 08, 2023
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RFID Automated Boom Barrier System

Access control is an important part of security management, and technology continues to play an important role in improving efficiency. The RFID-based Automatic Boom Barrier System is a popular and unique solution. This system combines RFID technology's strength with the convenience of automatic barriers to provide a smooth and safe access control solution.

In India, RFID automated boom barrier systems are also integrated with FASTag on vehicle windshield which utilizes the existing FASTag solution system for toll collection for parking management in several Indian cities including Delhi.

What is RFID based Automatic Boom Barrier System?

An RFID Automated Boom Barrier System is a security and access control solution that integrates RFID technology with automatic barrier mechanisms to regulate and manage vehicle entry and exit at a specific location. This system is often used to improve security and streamline access control in a variety of situations, including parking lots, residential and commercial complexes, industrial sites, and transportation centers.

Components of the RFID-Based Automatic Boom Barrier System

The following are the main components of an RFID Automated Boom Barrier System:


RFID tags are small devices that have a unique identifier and can be attached to cars or assets. Each RFID tag contains information that is used for identification.

RFID Reader

RFID readers are placed near entry/exit points and are assigned to wireless communication with RFID tags. The Fixed RFID Reader delivers signals to read the unique identifier when a vehicle or person with an RFID tag approaches.

Controller Unit

The controller unit is the system's core processing unit. It gets data from the RFID reader and compares it to a database of authorized users.

Boom barrier

A boom barrier is a physical gate or barrier that can be lifted and lowered to enable or refuse access. Based on the authentication result, the controller unit activates the boom barrier.

How Does the RFID Automated Boom Barrier System Work?


The RFID reader emits signals as a vehicle or person approaches the barrier. The unique identifier is sent to the controller if an authorized RFID tag is discovered.

Verification of Access

The controller compares the RFID data received to the authorized database. If the identification is correct, the controller opens the boom barrier.


The boom barrier opens upon successful verification, allowing entry or exit. The barrier automatically closes after a certain period of time or when the authorized entity has passed through.

Features of RFID Based Automatic Boom Barrier

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)-based automatic boom barriers are commonly utilized in security and management of vehicle applications. The following are some features of RFID-based automatic boom barriers:

1. Remote key

2. Power backup

3. Easy to Operate

4. Anti Hit Safety

5. Auto Close

6. Manual key to Open

Benefits of RFID enabled Boom Barrier Solution

The RFID enable Boom Barrier System has a number of advantages that make it a popular choice for access control and security management in a variety of contexts.

Here are some of the primary benefits:

Improved Security

RFID technology ensures that only authorized cars or individuals get entry by providing secure and reliable identification. The technology helps in the prevention of unauthorized entrance, lowering the danger of security breaches.

Managing Access Effectively

The system's automatic nature accelerates access control processes. Vehicles or individuals wearing valid RFID tags can pass through without stopping, cutting wait times and boosting traffic flow.

Automated Entries

The RFID-based system enables quick and easy entry and exit. It eliminates the need for manual verification, resulting in more efficient and speedier access management.

Access Permissions Can Be Changed

Access permissions for various RFID tags can be simply maintained and customized. Administrators can grant multiple levels of access to different individuals or vehicles, allowing for greater access control flexibility.


The technology can save money over time by reducing the demand for human security staff at entry/exit points. It also reduces the costs of manual ticketing or access control processes.

Applications of RFID-Based Automatic Boom Barrier System

The RFID-based Automatic Boom Barrier System is used in a wide range of industries and environments where access control, security, and efficient traffic management are important.

Here are a few applications of RFID-Based Automatic Boom Barrier System:

Parking Services

RFID-based boom barriers are routinely used to manage vehicle entry and exit in parking lots and garages. Only vehicles with authorized RFID tags are given access to the parking facility, according to the system.

Commercial and Industrial Complexes

RFID-based barriers are used in commercial sectors to manage access to restricted areas within factories, warehouses, and office complexes. The technology improves security by restricting access to sensitive areas.

Government Checkpoints

RFID-based barriers are used to regulate access at border crossings and security checkpoints. The system improves border security and control over immigration.

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