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UHF RFID Anti-tamper Windshield Tag, Ultra-high frequency (865–867 MHz), Long read range, Size: 98mm x 24mm, High Performance, UHF Windshield RFID, Windshield UHF RFID Tag, RFID Windshield Tag

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Operating Frequency: 865 - 867 MHz
Communication Protocol: ISO 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Read Range: Up to 10m
Tag Material: PET
Tag Size: 98mm(L) x 24mm(W)
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UHF RFID Anti-tamper Windshield Tag is a specialized RFID tag designed to be attached to the windshield of a vehicle. The windshield UHF RFID tags are built to be tamper-resistant and difficult to remove, which makes them ideal for use in vehicle tracking applications.

EnCStore offers the best passive UHF Windshield RFID Tags which are designed for a wide range of vehicles including passenger and commercial vehicles. These windshield UHF RFID tags also have a long-read range of up to 10 meters, making them ideal for use in vehicle tracking and security scenarios like parking, entrance/exit of any premises like malls, housing societies, corporate offices, and toll gates, among others.

Our UHF RFID tags are typically read-only, meaning only the information stored on them can be accessed. These UHF windshield RFID are compatible with windshield glass of multiple types of vehicles like trucks, buses, cars, and other vehicles.

 Application of UHF RFID Anti-tamper Windshield Tag

·   Vehicle Identification

·   Vehicle Tracking

·   Access Control

·   Security Management

·   Asset Tracking

·   Automatic Toll Collection

·   Parking Automation

Operating Frequency 865 - 867 MHz
Communication Protocol ISO 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Read Range Up to 10m
Tag Material PET
Tag Size 98mm(L) x 24mm(W)
Applicable Surface Car windshield
Attachment /Mounting Method Adhesive
Operating Temperature -20°C to +75°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +100°C

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