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Use of BLE and NFC Technologies to Boost Tourism in Smart Cities

Use of BLE and NFC in tourism sector

Internet of things, IoT, has brought an unprecedented transformation throughout the world. With 15b connected devices, it has propelled a global smart city movement, enhancing the shared human living standards. Technologies like BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication) have enabled a bunch of services and communication, creating a network of smart, connected products, enabling higher living standards. From smart utility to smart transportation, smart power grids, smart tourism, smart healthcare and smart education, technology has become the basis of modernity.

Use of BLE and NFC in smart tourism in particular is quite a trend. It has the potential to enhance the tourist experience in a city and boost the city economy, by creating an avenue of new and smart tourism. Since tourism sector is based on interconnectivity and cooperation between various verticals within the city such as public and private services in transportation, hospitality, art and culture centers, etc., implementation of technology like BLE and NFC prove to be cost-effective and efficient measures.

What are BLE and NFC?

BLE and NFC, both are short range communication technologies that enable data sharing between two devices. BLE, short for Bluetooth Low Energy is developed over the Bluetooth 4.0 specifications and is known for low power consumption while sharing data. The BLE technology is used in smartwatches, smartphones and BLE beacons and it is very efficient when it comes to periodical advertisement.

NFC (Near Field Communication) on the other hand uses high frequency radio waves (13.56MHz) to communicate between two NFC enabled devices, at close range, without contact. It was developed by Sony and Philips and now NFC Forum, a group of brands including Sony, Google, Apple, Motorola etc, ‘aims to bring the convenience of near-field technology to life.’

What makes NFC quite popular is the fact that it is fast and it enables a quick connection between two NFC standard devices, allowing communication wirelessly.

How BLE and NFC help boost tourism?

Technological developments over the past few decades have had a wide range of effects on various sectors including retail, manufacturing and supply chain, etc. and tourism sector is no exception. Technologies like BLE and NFC have enhanced business opportunities as well as customer experience by enabling a great degree of seamless access to information and experiences whether it is transportation or tourist stay in terms of hospitality or their overall experience at a new tourist adventure. From accessing city facilities to readily available city maps guiding tourists to popular attractions, to security and access to city administration, these technologies have enabled a host of reasons to attract more tourists in ‘smart city’.

Let’s see how BLE and NFC can boost tourism:

1. NFC can provide tourists with real-time information about their location, nearby attractions, and more.

2. It can also be used to provide personalized recommendations to tourists based on their interests.

3. NFC can be used to create a mobile wallet that integrates a physical wallet, money, payment cards, keys, and other cards. It enables easy payments for tourists.

4. It can be used for e-ticketing as well allowing tourists to enter monuments and heritage sites without inconvenience.

5. BLE beacons can be placed in tourist attractions to provide location-based services to tourists.

6. NFC and BLE technology can be used for data exchange and communication as well.

7. NFC-based boarding passes and smartcards allow easy movement of tourists from airports to hotels and restaurants.

8. BLE can be used in hotels and restaurants to advertise tourist special offers and discounts.

9. BLE beacons can also be used for indoor navigation.

10. BLE beacons can enable proximity marketing, advertising directly on tourist smartphones. BLE-based advertising billboards can be set up.

Technologies like NFC and BLE offer great opportunities in enhancing tourism by connecting services and physical products. Basic facilities like transportation, maps, information centers, can be enhanced by use of these two wireless technologies. BLE beacons are very useful when it comes to proximity advertising and marketing, allowing a smart source of revenue generation for businesses and unique experiences for tourists.

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  • Created on May 12, 2023

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