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UHF LED RFID Labels: LED lighting Passive RFID Tags for Item Localization

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Sep 11, 2023
  • RFID

The general problem that we see in most of the AIDC applications with RFID technology is that we can track an item to within a few centimeters accuracy however we can not exactly pinpoint an exact item in a sea of similar items that we are looking for. For example, if we were to find a file, in an RFID-based document tracking system, where hundreds and thousands of files are lined up, all looking the same at the outset, the RFID technology cannot help you unless you have some added marker to identify each file. And UHF LED RFID labels can be of great help in this regard.

Radio Frequency Identification technology is quite popular for its automatic identification and data capture capabilities and unlike barcode systems, RFID readers can scan an RFID-tagged object without a clear line of sight, providing a high read rate over a significantly higher read range (up to 15m for passive RFID system and up to 100m for active RFID system).

RFID technology is used in item-level tagging in various industries and businesses, not only for identification but also for sensing applications. For example, in retail grocery stores, RFID tags are used for item tagging, smart shelves, and inventory control as well as RFID sensor applications where RFID is used as an IOT. RFID sensors are attached to food storage units where they can measure temperature, humidity, and other parameters and the data is used to prevent food wastage.

What is a UHF Passive RFID tag with LED? How does it work? 

UHF Passive RFID tags with LED are the latest development in RFID tags where an LED (Light Emitting Diode) is embedded with the RFID label. And being passive in nature, when an interrogator signal is received by the RFID tag antenna, it powers the microchip and the LED light. The tag then sends the RF signal back to the RFID reader, which is decoded for the end-users. 

Applications of UHF LED RFID Labels

RFID technology is used in various business settings including education, retail, and healthcare amongst others but UHF RFID labels with LED lights provide exclusive item-level tracking where you need to pinpoint a particular item from a sea of similar-looking items. Like when you need to quickly pick a particular file from a file cabinet. 

The LED light on the UHF RFID label helps you accurately locate the specific item that you’re interrogating with an RFID reader.

Let’s see some of the benefits of RFID labels with LED lights:

Fast Item Localization and Search 

The foremost application that we see when it comes to LED light UHF RFID labels is fast item localization and quick search. Be it jewelry management and tracking, retail and apparel management, or library management, RFID LED labels are quite efficient and provide remote, without line-of-sight tracking of items.

Accurate Inventory Control

Apart from item-level tracking and quick search, UHF RFID tags with LED are also quite helpful in inventory control. Inventory supervisors can tag necessary items inside the inventory with LED light RFID tags and keep an accurate inventory. 

RFID tagging also allows for quick item replenishment by providing advanced reports and insights, lead time, and economic order quantity. 

Retail and Apparel applications 

In retail and apparel businesses, RFID tags with LED lights are used to locate high-end items with accuracy. Many times, customers can not find a particular item size in shoes bags, and clothing, and a UHF RFID label with LED light can be of great help.

Pallet tracking in Warehouses 

In warehouses, RFID tagging of pallets and containers is done to maintain inventory and easily locate a particular item. LED lights in tags help in localizing the particular pallet with absolute accuracy. RFID tagging also allows for enhanced visibility in warehouses and results in efficient warehouse management and control. Pallet tracking with UHF LED RFID tags also ensures real-time tracking which leads to efficient supply chain operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

RFID file tracking with UHF LED RFID Labels

File tracking and finding a file in a sea of similar-looking files on an urgent basis is made possible with the help of UHF LED RFID labels. Various occupations such as law firms and schools often deal with a bunch of documents case files and student files respectively and the use of UHF RFID labels with LED lights enables instant localization with accuracy. UHF labels also provide high accuracy and a read range of up to 15m, which means employees can find an item from a distance of 10-15 meters.

Cable Management with LED Lighting RFID Labels

UHF RFID labels with LED lights are also very useful in cable management in server rooms where a bunch of similar-looking cables are plugged, in small cabinets, in a very congested space. When you interrogate an RFID tag using the RFID tag no., the LED light on the RFID label helps you find the particular item with that RFID tag no. it acts like a beacon, guiding you through the maze.

Find a Book in the Library LED Lighting RFID Labels

Another great application of LED lighting RFID labels is finding a book and journal in school, college, and public libraries. Valuable books, journals, and manuscripts can be labeled with RFID labels with LED and you can easily find them using an RFID reader interrogator. 

To conclude, passive UHF RFID labels with LED are the latest advancement in RFID where an LED light is embedded with the RFID tag, and upon interrogation by an RFID reader, the LED light is turned on using the RF signal coming from the reader. These tags are a cost-effective addition to RFID technology which can be used in asset tracking, cable management, file and book tracking, pallet tracking in warehouses, and apparel tracking in retail stores amongst others.

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  • Created on Sep 11, 2023

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