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RFID Object Locator: Getting Old And Not Losing Things!

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Mar 16, 2023
  • RFID
RFID Object Locator

Everyone will eventually get old and this tech loving millennial/gen z is no different. In few upcoming years, the baby boomer generation, the people born between 1946-1964, the mid twentieth century baby boom, will become elderly and they will need all the technological help that is possible, to live independently. Looking for hours for an essential item like spectacles, or keys is certainly not helpful when you’re old and don’t have energy for it. It makes you feel old, like really old. But there is a technology based solution for almost everything to make your life easy, at every stage.

An RFID based object locator is one such technological help. 

"A device designed to help you find misplaced objects. 

How a RFID object Locator works?

People misplace things all the time. I, myself, was once looking for my spectacles, having it on already. It was on my face the whole time I was looking for it. It donned on me only when I passed by a mirror. It happens. And it will happen when you get old. 

RFID object locators that I’ve seen look like a TV remote with few buttons. Some have four buttons; some have eight buttons, in different colors of course.  The object locator comes with equal number of RFID tags as well. 

The idea is that you tag an essential item with one of these tags that come with the object locator and when the object is misplaced, you press the matching button on the device and the tag will beep or flash as a response to the interrogator, the remote. Pretty simple, right?

What if you lose your dog?

Well, various RFID and QR code based tags are also available in the market that allow you to find your missing pet. The QR code tag can be encoded with your details, pet’s details, and anyone who finds your pet can scan the QR tag on the pet and will inform you, hopefully.

How RFID works?

RFID has seen a tremendous growth over past decade and the modern day challenges, changing business landscape, customer behavior and the need for automation in businesses that was only exacerbated by the covid 19 pandemic, all of these factors have contributed to the rapid growth of RFID based automation.

Retail and logistics businesses like Walmart, target, H&M, FedEx, Gap etc., have been proactive in their approach to implement RFID.

The radio frequency identification technology that is being used in the RFID object locator uses radio frequency signals to communicate between the RFID tag and RFID reader/interrogator, through an antenna. Sometimes the antenna is integrated into the tag itself. 

RFID tags are available in various categories but one that is being used in the RFID object locator is typically an UHF Passive RFID tag as it provides long range, up to 15m and it is very cost effective. That is why we need to design a RFID object locator that has a good range and low cost. If the price is too steep, people won’t go for it.

Advantages of a RFID object locator:

As the name suggests, it is an object locator, and it works on RFID technology. As we see more technological advances like 5G internet, cost effective RFID tags, etc., we will see more such devices that aim to simplify living and getting old. 

Here are some prominent benefits of a RFID based object locator:

1.It can help you find misplaced items.

2.The long range of UHF passive RFID tag allows you to track any tagged object up to 15m, and that is a lot in a household, day care, or an office setting. 

3.The tagged item beeps or flashes when in range with the interrogator signal, which makes it easy to find.

4.Color coding is also very helpful while looking for an object.

5.It’s a cost effective tool and easy to implement/use.

6.It makes getting old easy as misplacing items is a big issue at this stage of life. 

7.The use is not limited to elderly. Young men, women and kids can also use it to find kids, car keys, and toys respectively.

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  • Created on Mar 16, 2023

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