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The Benefits of QR Codes in Retail and E-commerce Operations

QR Codes

QR code or Quick Response code is finding its mojo now with versatile applications across many business sectors. Unlike barcodes, QR code is not limited by memory size as it can store a huge amount of texts and numbers, typically 10 times more data than a traditional barcode, and that is why advertisers, marketers, retailers, hospitality and restaurant businesses are increasingly incorporating QR codes in different consumer specific areas.

QR codes are also gaining popularity in retail and e-commerce operations as they provide numerous benefits for businesses and customers. These codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that displays a large amount of information when scanned using a smartphone or tablet device. 

You must also know that, it was Apple Inc., in 2017, that integrated the QR scanning features in its iPhone line up and other smartphone manufacturers followed suit. Before that, QR Codes were scanned, either by a dedicated software/mobile application or a dedicated barcode scanner.

When in use, a QR code can be written with various data formats which include image, text and numbers, URL to a website, address, email, phone number, and google form and PDF. 

Let’s discuss the advantages of using QR codes in retail and e-commerce.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

QR codes, in retail and e-commerce operations, are popular for providing information resulting in improved customer engagement. These codes are an excellent tool to provide customers with quick access to additional information about products, including price, product description, and reviews. 

Furthermore, businesses can use QR codes to provide customers with exclusive discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs, significantly improving the customer experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Increased sales for retail and e-commerce 

QR codes also provide an advantage in improving sales for businesses. Retailers can use QR codes to take customers directly to a web page to purchase a product or offer a discount on specific items purchased through their online platform. 

This immediate access to purchasing options encourages immediate transactions, leading to increased sales for businesses. Much like retail, e-commerce also benefits from QR codes. 

QR codes are used to help customers find a specific product on e-commerce via use of URL. On social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, QR codes can be seen below a certain product image and customers can directly access the product on the e-commerce site by scanning the QR code.

Inventory Management with QR codes

Another advantage of QR codes in retail and e-commerce operations is enhanced inventory management. Retail and e-commerce businesses can use QR codes to track inventory and recognize when stock levels are low, enabling them to reorder products and avoid stockouts. 

The use of QR codes also allows retailers to manage product information quickly, making it easier to update and manage their product catalog.

Avoiding stockouts also enhances the shopping experience of customers.

Improving Customer Order Fulfillment 

Apart from supply chain, order fulfillment is another problem that retailers and e-commerce businesses face. In order to ensure accurate and timely delivery of products, use of QR codes with Barcode or RFID is now being encouraged as QR codes can be scanned even when slightly damaged. QR codes can be written with consumer details, address and contact information to ensure that delivery agent finds the customer and delivers the product on time.

While there are many benefits to using QR codes, businesses should also consider the potential challenges before adopting this technology. One potential challenge is the limitation of smartphones or tablets to scan QR codes, which some older devices may not support. 

Furthermore, if QR codes are not displayed correctly it can prevent customers from accessing the information they require, leading to frustration for them. To ensure that QR codes are safe even against harsh conditions including rain and snow, quality substrate such as polyester must be used.

QR codes are an effective method used by businesses to improve customer engagement, increase sales, and manage inventory effectively. The use of QR codes makes it easier for customers to access information promptly, increasing their satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat business. However, businesses should also consider the potential challenges before adopting QR codes to ensure that they can maximize the benefits to their operations and customers.

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  • Created on Jun 27, 2023

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