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Switching to Smart Packaging Using QR codes

QR codes for Smart Packaging

While a brand is famous and highly recognizable today it might not be the case 10 years down the line with a growing list of competitors. What if businesses did something about it? 

You might have seen how people on social media still feel nostalgic about the things they used to have in 90s, right? 3 Musketeers, Skittles, Butterfinger, Parle Poppins, Parle kisme, Bosco Chocolate syrup etc. I mean people still remember these products. 

Businesses need to come up with ideas that have long lasting impact on people and their subconscious. Packaging, stories about the product, taste? It could be anything.

Smart Packaging could be on one of those things. Few years back, I saw this QR code on one of the bottles while I was browsing for a light- bodied wine and I took out my phone to scan it. I was simply amazed. It had a welcome message and their website URL where they talk about how the product came to be. It was a surreal feeling. 

What is a QR code?

A QR code is typically a barcode but two dimensional (2D). QR is acronym for quick response and rightly so, as these QR codes are quickly read and can store more data than a traditional barcode. It can be some text, image, URL or some numbers, PDF etc.

Why switch to smart packaging:

The answer is why not do it! Why not make your product more accessible, more appealing and memorable. Currently there are thousands of Wine and beer brands and your product needs to stand out. Not just in taste but presentation as well. People go to wine tasting, they like your wine but what if they clicked a picture of the QR code on your wine bottle to remember it, for later use? That would be good. You can’t expect people to make note of your wine brand or its taste at a wine tasting where similar wines are being poured constantly and palate cleansers are served in between.  It all gets mixed up. They can just decide that they like it or not and have your brand name to explore it later. A QR code on the bottle with URL to the wine page is the smart way to do so.

How to use QR Code for smart packaging?

Making your package smart entails many things. Giving out more detail about the product, its history, its manufacturing and expiration dates, feedback options, etc. can help customers and the brands in more ways than you think. Simply give people more options at hand and make your packaging interactive.

QR codes are quick to scan and can be scanned even while slightly scraped, pasted on a curved surface etc. 

You can generate and customized QR codes with image, some texts or url and incorporate it somewhere at the packaging label, in a way that it fits well with your branding and makes your package smart. 

Caring for customers with QR codes:

Brands can use QR code to show care for their customers by giving out instructions if certain contents of the food/beverage can cause allergies to certain people. Like some people are allergic to peaches and specific instructions can be put into QR codes if the product contains peach. This helps businesses strike a better relationship with customers and helps in building brand loyalty which by the way is most important now than ever.

Giving out recipes with QR codes:

This is so great. You get to know how you can try the particular food or beverage item by scanning the QR code for recipes. Wine bottles can have various concoction recipes that go well with the particular wine and help people make the best of it. A video recipe tutorial can also be embedded in QR codes using URL.

Recycling tips on QR codes:

This is the best of all the above. More recycling is what we need right now given the climate change and global warming scenarios looming over. Brands can list ways to recycle the package after use. Be it plastic, metal or bottle, recycling helps the environment immensely and makes us better customers and responsible brands.

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  • Created on Feb 24, 2023

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