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Why Use RFID Technology in Vehicles?

  • Akansha Sharma
  • Jan 09, 2023
  • RFID
Why Use RFID Technology in Vehicles

You might have seen Retail businesses use RFID system to optimize and automate their operations, Logistics management, Health, Security liaisons and countless other businesses use RFID tags and RFID Readers.

But why you must use RFID in a vehicle?  What’s the need?

Let me explain why employing RFID System can change your views on automation and technology altogether.

Benefits of RFID Tags in vehicles:

RFID technology uses Radio waves to send and receive signals. It is done using RFID Tags, RFID Readers and Antennas to catch the signals.

You must also know that these Radio waves travel great distances and this is what is needed to track your vehicle, locate it, prevent theft, increase security inside the vehicle etc.

Let’s see in details:

1. Security:

RFID system can be used to increase security of your vehicles and security inside your vehicles as well.

Using RFID Passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID tags on your vehicles and encoding it to a RFID Key can prevent unauthorized access control and theft of your valuable vehicles or valuables inside your vehicle.

RFID tags are also placed on vehicles like cars, trucks, buses etc. to grant them access to authorized premises or deny access to unauthorized vehicles coming inside a compound.

Many residential housing societies use RFID system for this purpose.

This is why airports, ports and mines also use RFID technology to prevent access to unknown carriers, ships, and vehicles. This alone can prevent major mishaps from happening in crowded places.

2. Location and Tracking of vehicles using RFID:

RFID Tags are used inside and outside vehicles to track and locate. An UHF RFID system surely can’t track cars and big trucks going miles, with high speed as well, but if correct RFID UHF reader is employed at crucial points along the way, the path and location of the vehicles can be tracked. 

Many businesses use this particular application of RFID Technology to keep logs of their vehicles and of course the products/persons inside these vehicles. 

Vehicle GPS tags are particularly used for this purpose and it doesn’t even need elaborate infrastructure to invest.

3. Vehicle Identification using RFID:

Identifying vehicles with the use of RFID tags and reading their details using a UHF/HF RFID Reader is very crucial for many businesses and rental agencies are one of them.

Car rental agencies use UHF RFID Tags to identify a particular car and also its travelling history, rental history, sale and purchase history as well. RFID tags also help in locating the car in the compound easily.

UHF RFID system can be used for identifying vehicles with precision and swiftly.

RFID UHF reader can read active RFID tags to a great distance, making it easier to locate vehicles in a large compound.

Vehicle dealers also use RFID system to keep track of sale and purchase of a vehicle, it’s very helpful when two cars are identical in look and make.

Car wash facilities use RFID Vehicle identification to run their business smoothly as well.

RFID FASTag: Vehicles also use RFID FASTags on windshield to pass through toll booths without stopping for paying toll. The FASTag on windshield is read by UHF RFID Reader installed at toll booths and the toll is paid automatically.

Vehicle identification Using RFID technology in crime solving:

This one RFID application has helped police and other investigating agencies to solve many crimes across the world and it can be helpful for many ongoing cases as well.

Many HIT and Run cases are solved using RFID by tracking the vehicle, location and path used by the vehicle(s) and by identifying its number plates.

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  • Created on Jan 09, 2023

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