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Uses of Solar Energy in India

Uses of Solar Energy

Solar panels are used to generate electricity; this process can be for domestic or industrial purposes. Domestic solar panels can generate electricity at home. For industrial panel it is used to generate electricity in mass. For this, engineers must install an array of solar panels. Solar panels can generate large amounts of electricity, and this can take place both at solar and industrial scales. 

Benefit of solar panels is that they can be used to provide electricity in remote areas where there is enough solar energy.

Working of Solar Panels

Solar panels are used to mount a number of solar cells for harnessing their features to create power. A solar panel generates direct current that is converted into alternate current via an inverter. These two technologies form a photovoltaic system.

Construction of Solar Panel

Photovoltaic modules create photovoltaic effect to create electricity from light. Wafer-based crystalline silicon cells or thin-film cells are used in most of the modules. The top layer might be the structural element. Mechanical and moisture damage must be avoided. The thin-film cell-based semi-flexible modules are also available. The production parameters are derived under normal conditions. The solar panel's output interface is a PV junction box mounted to the rear of the panel.

Energy and Uses Of Solar Energy

Radiant light and heat from the Sun is called solar energy. Solar hot water systems are used to heat water. 

Evacuated heat collectors are commonly used solar water heater.  Solar energy is not only used in heating water but also in many other things such as cooking, heating, water treatments, electricity production, , cooling, ventilation, etc.

Usage of Solar Energy in Agriculture 

There are many uses of solar energy in different fields, one field includes agriculture too. Solar energy is the supplement for many farmers. It is very helpful in agricultural activities such as crop and grain drying and it is one of the oldest and most widely used techniques. 

The basic components are screened drying trays or racks and solar collector. It is also used in space and water heating. Air and water heating requirements are more used in dairy operations; modern poultry farms must have control of temperature and air quality. 

Uses of Solar Energy for Electricity

For the renewable energy, the Sun is the only source; it can be used in many forms. Solar-powered photovoltaic panels convert the rays into electricity. In this process, electrons get excited in the silicon cell using the photons from sunlight.

The solar panels are mostly raised at top of the houses in most solar systems. There will be no shade on the panel side from 9 Am to 3 Pm. South facing installation provides the optimal potential. While placing the solar panels you should take care of a few factors such as trees should not be there near the house so they block the sunlight and full productive use of solar panels is not done. 


Solar energy is taken from earth in visible and electromagnetic forms. We use solar panels for converting that light into electricity. The process can take place both at a solar and industrial scale.

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