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5 Tips to Ensure Healthy Battery Life of your Smartphone

Tips to Ensure Healthy Battery Life of your Smartphone

We are dependent on mobile phones. Isn't it? from calculating our footsteps to working in our office. This small gadget as complete control over us. We are counting on this device for almost every task.

To work with it all day, maintaining its battery life is important. More battery usage may lead to short battery life. We should keep our battery life healthy to ensure its proper working. Here are some basic tips or habits you should follow to maintain the battery of your mobile phone.

1. Discharge Cycles

Do you charge your mobile phone when it is about to switch off? If yes, then you are doing wrong with your smartphone. Usually, smartphones have 400-500 discharge cycles. This means that the battery will start degrading after this period. You need to be careful and connect your phone to the charger when the remaining charging is 10% or 20%. This may increase the battery life of your mobile phone.

Try to disconnect your mobile phone from the charger after it reaches 100%. Although modern mobile phones suffer no damage but to play safe, try not to overcharge them.

2. Keep Location Services in check

Nowadays, many applications seek permission to access locations for their services. They constantly keep tracking your GPS. No doubt these features drain your battery. You should make sure that these apps are allowed to access your location only when in use. This will help your battery life to work more.

Similarly, you should keep your Bluetooth and WIFI in check. When they are not in use, keep them off. They also eat your battery.

3. Use Auto-Brightness Mode

Adjusting your brightness automatically according to your environment works best for your mobile phone. This feature will maintain your brightness level on its own. Saving your battery life in dark rooms. Try to avoid using your mobile phone in extreme sunlight. Otherwise, it will get heated and affect your battery life.

Try to use black and white wallpaper. This is a secret hack about which people are not aware. You should avoid bright colour wallpapers. This is verified practically that mobile phone comparatively drains less battery with black and white wallpapers.

4. Use Original Chargers and Cable

You are thinking to save your money with a cheap charger or cable? If yes, then you have to spend more on your battery after some time.  The reason behind it is your cheap charger or cable. You need to use original or certified chargers and cables to save your battery. Low quality or duplicate chargers can cause harm to your battery and reduce its life. You should gently clean your charging ports in 3-4 days with cotton or cloth.

5. Never allow it to overheat or cool

You must be aware of the dangers of overheating your smartphone. Overcooling is also harmful. If your smartphone becomes too hot or too cold, it can put a strain on the battery and limit its life. Avoid leaving it in your automobile for an extended period of time or keeping it near a hot surface or place. Batteries are designed to operate at specific temperatures, therefore anything above or below that can be a warning sign.

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  • Created on Apr 18, 2022
Tips to Ensure Healthy Battery Life of your Smartphone


Tips to Ensure Healthy Battery Life of your Smartphone


Tips to Ensure Healthy Battery Life of your Smartphone


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