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Which A4 Paper is best for Printing?

Which A4 Paper is best for Printing?


When you print something on paper, sometimes you see that the print is faded. Maybe this is because of the quality of the paper. Or, it is possible that the paper does not support that kind of printing. This is clear that every paper has different properties and uses. When deciding on the paper you should be sure about your requirement and available resources. In this blog, you will know about different kinds of paper for printing and their uses. This will help you to decide the best one for you.

Also, paper is available in different sizes in the market. A4 size paper is most commonly used. A4 paper measures 210mm x 297mm. This paper is available in a variety of weights and varnishes, ensuring that there is an A4 paper fit for each printing task. This paper size is not only appropriate for regular chores but it may also be used for special occasions.

Things you should know about Paper

When purchasing large amounts of paper, the unit of measurement "reams" should catch your eye. A "ream" of paper is a packet of the paper stack that contains around 450 to 500 sheets.

GSM stands for grams per square meter and is another unit of measurement. It shows how dense a piece of paper is.

The translucency of the paper is referred to as opacity. If you plan to print on both sides of the paper, this is an important consideration. Low-opacity papers are not suitable for double-sided printing.

Types for Paper for Printing

Paper for Inkjet Printers

This paper is made specifically for use with inkjet printers. Different types of inkjet paper, such as pictures, glossy, business card, and greeting card versions, function well with inkjet ink.

Paper for Laser Printers

A laser printer is required to utilize laser paper. This is more commonly used in commercial settings for printing papers, checks, and mailing labels.


This is one of the most often used papers since it is ideal for all types of printing activities. Matte paper has a white coating that helps ink dry faster than other paper types, making it ideal for documents that need to be printed rapidly.

White Light

Bright white paper sheets have a smoother surface and are not textured, making them excellent for high-quality, presentable double-sided printing. Because of the paper's brightness, it can be printed on both sides without the ink bleeding through to the other side.


Because of its capacity to generate beautiful colours and crisp pictures, this paper type is generally employed for printing images or photographs rather than text. The glossy surface absorbs the ink, resulting in pictures with far more clarity than plain paper.

Stock Cards

Scrapbooking, business cards, and postcards are commonly printed on this thick, resilient paper. It is far more durable than other types of printer paper since it is substantially thicker and can be carried and shared about without being frayed.


This type of printer paper is different from other types of printer paper because it is somewhat thicker than regular paper and has an off-white look. Resume paper is typically used for CVs or other significant papers and has an ivory or cream tone to imply that the written content is of great value.

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  • Created on May 16, 2022
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