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Small and lightweight, easy removal of eas tags, long-lasting use, clear and smooth surface, Ideal for anti-theft, retail stores, shopping malls, etc.

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Material: Magnetic Aluminum coating
Color: Silver
Suitable for: RF & EAS Hard Tags
Size: 150mm x 100mm x 70mm
Surface Finish: Polished
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Super Mini Golf Detacher Security Tag is a type of security tag used to secure merchandise in retail stores. It is a small, lightweight tag that attaches to clothing and other items with a small pin or plastic loop. The tag is designed to be easy to remove with a special detaching tool that is included with the tag. The detacher tool is used to remove the pin or loop, allowing the tag to be removed from the item. The tag is designed to be tamper-resistant, so it cannot be removed without the detaching tool. The eas security tag is typically used to prevent shoplifting and can be reused multiple times.

Application: Retail Stores, Clothing, Sporting Goods, Department Stores

Material Magnetic Aluminum coating
Color Silver
Suitable for RF & EAS Hard Tags
Size 150mm x 100mm x 70mm
Surface Finish Polished
Purpose Detaching Hard Tags
Country Made in India

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