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AMD-3040 Handheld Detacher, Portable Security Detacher

Handheld device, remove all types of hard tags, High-quality, Lightweight and portable, suitable in shopping malls and retail stores

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The AMD-3040 Handheld Detacher is a handheld detacher designed for use with hard tags, also known as hard tags with pins. It is designed to quickly and easily remove hard tags from clothing or other merchandise without damaging the item or the tag. This eas tag detacher is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use. It features a strong magnet, which is powerful enough to remove all types of hard tags with pins. Additionally, it is compatible with most security tag systems.
Material Plastic
Size 190mm x 110mm x 75mm
Color Gray
Usage Eas Tag Detacher
Weight 500g
Country Made in India
Purpose Detachable Hard Tags

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