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AM Hand Detector/Deactivator – a Two-in-One solution for tag detection and deactivation in a single device, featuring embedded buzzer, multicolor alarm LEDs, and a heavy-duty housing and quick battery

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Operating frequency: 58kHz (AM frequency range)
Power requirement: 5VDC/1A external charger
Alarm mode: Buzzer, Alarm LEDs
Size: 140mm(L) x 292mm(W) x 24mm(T)
Weight: 600g
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An EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) AM Hand Detector/Deactivator is a device used in retail and other environments to detect and deactivate AM (Acousto-Magnetic) security tags or labels. It's a two-in-one solution, capable of both identifying the presence of security tags on items and deactivating them during the checkout process. The device typically features an embedded buzzer and multicolor alarm LEDs to alert the user of successful detection or deactivation. Additionally, a heavy-duty housing ensures durability, and a quick battery charging time keeps the device ready for efficient use. This technology helps prevent theft and enhances security in retail settings.

Operating frequency 58kHz (AM frequency range)
Power requirement 5VDC/1A external charger
Alarm mode Buzzer, Alarm LEDs
Size 140mm(L) x 292mm(W) x 24mm(T)
Weight 600g
Detection (for DR Labels) Up to 15cm
Deactivation (for DR Labels) Up to 12cm

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