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S1000 AM/RF Deactivation Pad easily remove tags with its compact design, compatible with all AM and RF tags and an ideal solution for retail stores, shopping malls, and more

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Operating frequency: 58kHz (AM)/8.2MHz (RF)
Status Indication: Red and Green LED
Dimension: 2500(W) X 250(H) X 20(T)
Cable Length: 1400mm
Weight: 1.5kg
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The S1000 AM/RF Deactivation Pad is a device used in retail settings to prevent shoplifting. It's designed to deactivate or detune security tags commonly found on products. These tags, which use either AM (Acousto-Magnetic) or RF (Radio-Frequency) technology, trigger alarms at store exits if they haven't been deactivated at the point of sale.  The S1000 pad sits on a checkout counter; after an item is purchased and the cashier removes the price tag, they pass the security tag over the pad to neutralize it, preventing false alarms.

Operating frequency 58kHz (AM)/8.2MHz (RF)
Status Indication Red and Green LED
Dimension 2500(W) X 250(H) X 20(T)
Cable Length 1400mm
Weight 1.5kg
Deactivation distance 16cm(AM DR label), 25cm (40x40mm RF label)
Detection Distance 24cm (AM DR label) , 25cm(40x40mm RF label)

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