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44mm Size, Compatible with Apple Watch Straps, Easy Installation, Silicone Watch Strap, Adjustable Size, Sleek and Stylish Appearance

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Material: Silicone
Color: Multicolor
Size Width: 44mm
Shape: Round
Attributes: Waterproof, lightweight & durable strap
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Soft Silicone Sports Wristband for iWatch Series is specially designed for your watch. This wristband strap is made up of durable and high quality silicone material and stylish craftsmanship that will make you stick out. The color pattern of your Watch Band makes it more breathable, giving you the perfect wearing experience for any situation. The easy pin-and-tuck closure secures your device securely around your wrist while allowing you to quickly modify it on the go.

Material Silicone
Color Multicolor
Size Width 44mm
Shape Round
Attributes Waterproof, lightweight & durable strap
Compatible with Apple Watch Straps

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