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Self Adhesive Brown Tapes, 48mm x 50mtr, Pack of 12

Round, Self adhesive, Brown, 40microns, 48mm, 50mtr, Pack of 12

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Type: Single Sided
Colour: Brown
Adhesive Type: Hot melt, water activated and pressure sensitive
Design printing: No printing
Material: PVC Paper and polyester
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Self-adhesive brown tapes are strong and durable adhesive tapes that is great for a variety of uses. They are 48mm wide and 50mtr in length, making them perfect for larger projects or for wrapping and packaging heavy items. It is made from brown paper and coated with an aggressive adhesive on one side. The adhesive is designed to stick to most surfaces and is resistant to water, oil, and dirt. It is also easily removable, making it perfect for repeated applications.

Application: Packaging and shipping, Arts and crafts, Automotive, Packing electronic goods, Household repairs.

Type Single Sided
Colour Brown
Adhesive Type Hot melt, water activated and pressure sensitive
Design printing No printing
Material PVC Paper and polyester
Usage Box Packaging, Sealing, Binding
Width 48mm
Length 50 meter
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