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Plastic Coated EAS Detacher

Lightweight and portable, easy removal of RF and eas tags, Plastic Coated Finishing, clear and smooth surface, Ideal for anti-theft, retail stores, shopping malls, etc.

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Material: Stainless Steel
Finishing: Plastic Coated
Diameter: Upto 50 mm
Capacity: Magnetic Force Ultra
Color: Black
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Plastic Coated EAS Detachers are used to remove hard tags from the merchandise. They are typically used in clothing, electronics, and retail stores. This type of detacher is made from heavy-duty plastic, making it lightweight and more durable than other types of detachers. The plastic coating also provides additional protection against damage and wear. These detachers have a strong magnetic force to ensure a secure, reliable release of the hard tag. The detacher can be used with a variety of hard tags, including RF, AM, EM, and AC tags.

Application: Retail stores, Shopping Malls, Libraries, Museums, warehouses, etc

Material Stainless Steel
Finishing Plastic Coated
Diameter Upto 50 mm
Capacity Magnetic Force Ultra
Color Black
Suitable for RF and EAS Tags
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