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Label Rewinder for Printers, Lightweight and Portable, High quality, Adjustable Size, Shipping Label Roll Holder for Desktop Label Printer

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Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 200mm x 137mm x 149mm
Color: White
Type Of Operation: Hands Free
Min. Inner Core Size: 1 Inch
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Label holders for rolls and fan-fold labels are designed to keep your labels organized and accessible. They can be used to store and dispense labels from a variety of sizes and materials. These holders are easy to mount and can be used in many different applications. They come in various sizes to fit your needs and can be used with or without a label dispenser. The holders are made of durable plastic and feature a transparent cover to keep the labels clean and easy to read. They are ideal for use in warehouses, shipping departments, and other industrial settings.

Material Plastic
Dimensions 200mm x 137mm x 149mm
Color White
Type Of Operation Hands Free
Min. Inner Core Size 1 Inch
Max Outer Diameter 220mm
Max Label Width 110mm

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