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Compact and Lightweight, Easy installation, Min core size- 1inch, High quality material, Adjustable Size, Compatible with Desktop Label Printers

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Material: Plastic
Dimension: 241.3mm x 139.7mm x 139.7mm
Color: White
Min. Inner Core Size: 1 inch
Max Outer Diameter: 6 inches
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Label Holder for Rolls and Fanfold Labels is a useful tool for storing and organizing labeled paper rolls. It is usually made of a durable plastic material and has several slots for holding different sizes of label paper rolls. Depending on the size of the rolls and the space available in the workstation, the holder can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It is an excellent option for organizing and storing large quantities of labeled paper rolls in one available place.
Material Plastic
Dimension 241.3mm x 139.7mm x 139.7mm
Color White
Min. Inner Core Size 1 inch
Max Outer Diameter 6 inches
Max Label Width 4 inches
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