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8675i Handheld Wearable Mini Barcode Scanner

Portable handheld barcode scanner, IP Rating 65, Lightweight, High Speed Scanning, Compatible with Android, Windows, or iOS, 1D/2D Decode Capability

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Scan Pattern: Omni-Directional Area Image
Connectivity Type: Cordless
Form Factor: Wearable scanner
Battery Scanner: 570
IP Rating: IP65
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Handheld wearable mini barcode scanner is a handheld device that is worn on the hand and used to scan barcodes. It is designed to be lightweight and portable so that it can be easily carried around and used when needed. It usually includes a built-in barcode reader, a display screen, and a rechargeable battery. It is typically compatible with most standard barcode formats, making it a great choice for businesses that need to quickly and accurately capture barcode data. The scanner can be set up to work with inventory, shipping, and tracking management systems for efficient tracking of products and services.
Scan Pattern Omni-Directional Area Image
Connectivity Type Cordless
Form Factor Wearable scanner
Battery Scanner 570
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions 65.2mm x 30.3mm x 15.2mm
Operating Temperature -20C to 50C
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