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200mm Green Polycarbonate LED Traffic Signal Light, IP65

200mm LED Traffic Signal Light, 230VAC operating range, IP Rating-65, High-efficiency LED technology, Long LED Life, Bright Light, Easy to operate

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Green Polycarbonate LED Traffic Signal Light is used to indicate when it is safe for drivers to move through an intersection. This type of traffic light use led (light-emitting diode) technology, which is more efficient and dependable than incandescent bulbs. LED lights stay longer and use less energy than traditional types of traffic lights. LED traffic lights are also eco-friendly because they are recyclable and do not contain any dangerous components.
Material Polycarbonate
Lighting Type LED
Lighting Color Green
IP Rating IP65
Voltage 230 VAC/12VDC
Power Consumption 10W Maximum
Size Diameter 200mm (8 inch)
Country of Origin Made in India
Usage Traffic Signal
Shape Round

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