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Slimline A1030 Circular Polarized UHF RFID Antenna

Circular Polarised, IP Rating 53, High Gain, High Performance, for Jewellery, Pharmacy & Healthcare

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Operating Frequency: 865-867MHz
Polarization: Circular
Gain: -15.0 dBi
Connector Type: SMA female side fly lead, 300 mm/1 ft (connects to SMA male)
Mounting: Integrated mounting guides
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Slimline A1030 RFID antenna are the world’s largest working surface in a near-field antenna, and at just 6.5 mm / 0.25 inch thick, also offers outstanding near field performance in an unique and optimized footprint, improving workflow and eliminating stray tag-reads. It's opening up new possibilities for item level RFID tracking where a short range read is required.

Application:  Libraries, Jewellery, Retail POS, Pharmacy & Healthcare. 

Operating Frequency 865-867MHz
Polarization Circular
Gain -15.0 dBi
Connector Type SMA female side fly lead, 300 mm/1 ft (connects to SMA male)
Mounting Integrated mounting guides
Dimensions 300mm x 300mm x 6.5 mm
IP Rating IP 53
Operating Temperature 0° to +50°C

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