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220 Voltage, LED Signal Tower Light, Full LED light coverage, Long LED life, built in buzzer alarm, Bright Lights, Easy To Operate, Suitable for Road Side

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2 Layer LED lower light with buzzer is a device used to alert workers and operators of potential dangers in the workplace. It consists of a bright LED light that is usually mounted at the top of a pole, along with an audible buzzer. The LED light is visible from a distance, while the buzzer can be heard in noisy environments. This type of light is often used in hazardous locations, such as chemical plants and industrial sites, to warn of potential risks and hazards. The buzzer can be used to indicate when alarms or warnings are triggered, which helps employees take the necessary safety precautions.

Application: Manufacturing plants, Warehouses, Construction sites, Airport runways, Public and private transportation hubs, Agricultural and forestry operations

Material Plastic
Voltage 220 V
Lighting Type LED
Light Block Color Red, Green
Available in Buzzer
Country of Origin Made in India
Mounting Surface Mount
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