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Reusable, durable and long-lasting, Hard Alarm Tag, Size: 65mm x 16mm, Pencil Sensor Hard Tag, suitable for Retail Security, Garment and Footwear Showrooms

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Tag Type: Hard Alarm Tag
Dimension: 65mm x 16mm
Color: White, Grey or Customized
Lock: Standard
Material: ABS
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Eas Flat Pencil Security Tags are a type of electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag used to protect items from theft. These tags are designed to be used on flat items such as clothing, books, and other items. They are designed with a flat base that has a small magnetized pin that is attached to the items. The tags also feature a locking mechanism to prevent removal. The tags are generally deactivated at the point of sale using a deactivator device. The tags can be reused multiple times and are designed for long-term, cost-effective security.

Application: Retail stores, Libraries, Museums, Airports, and other transportation hubs, Shopping Malls, Hospitals medical equipment, and Hotel linens.

Tag Type Hard Alarm Tag
Dimension 65mm x 16mm
Color White, Grey or Customized
Lock Standard
Material ABS
EAS System AM
Frequency 58kHz
Pin Style Locking Pin
Shape Flat

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