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How EAS is different than RFID

How EAS is Different than RFID?

In order to streamline day to day business operations and to improve security, RFID and EAS have become quite important for businesses of all kinds especially retail. The EAS tags and RFID tags are

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric Attendance system

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric Attendance system?

When we talk about Biometric Attendance system, we generally talk about what it entails, the technical aspects of it and how it can manage Time and Attendance of employees in a business

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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS): Preventing retail shoplifting by Technology

What do you do when every month your accounting system tells you that you are incurring huge shoplifting losses in your departmental store? Do you hire more people to keep an eye on every shopper

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How Biometric Attendance System can benefit various businesses

How Biometric Attendance System can benefit various businesses?

Businesses have been introducing automation in their day to day operations, irrespective of their operation size or field, be it retail, healthcare, Information Technology, logistics, supply chain

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Biometric System

Biometric System: How the Technology is Changing Our Daily Life Experiences in a Good Way

As millennials our first brush with biometrics is probably when we unlock our smart-phone using our face or fingerprint and a sense of technological progress that humans have done over the years

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