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The Top 10 Unknown Facts about AM EAS tags

The Top 10 Unknown Facts about AM EAS tags

Acousto-Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance (AM EAS) labels are the technology that operates behind the scenes in retail stores every time you walk through the doors and hear that faint beep. These small gadgets are essential to retail security because they prevent theft and make shopping more enjoyable. A resonant circuit that communicates with the transmitter and receiver of the EAS system powers AM tags. AM EAS tags/labels are widely employed in the retail industry due to their effectiveness and compatibility with a wide range of items. This helps to minimize loss and create a secure shopping environment.

Let's examine the top 10 unknown Facts about AM EAS Tags that provide an understanding of their importance and usefulness.

1. What is AM EAS?

Acousto-Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance, or AM EAS for short, is a technology utilized in anti-shoplifting systems. It's one of the two main types of Electronic Article Surveillance systems, the other being Radio-Frequency (RF) systems.

2. How AM EAS TagsWorks?

AM EAS labels are made of a little strip with a resonating circuit on it, When an item with an attached AM EAS tag passes through the surveillance system's detection zone, it interacts with the system's transmitter and receiver, causing an alarm if the label hasn't been deactivated.

3. Range of Detection

For AM EAS systems, the usual detection range is typically between 1.5 and 1.8 meters (5 to 6 feet) on either side of the detecting antenna. This implies that an alarm will ring if an AM EAS tag passes through this area.

4. Deactivation at Point of Sale:

Using a deactivation pad or detacher, the cashier deactivates the AM EAS tag at the checkout counter after a consumer makes a transaction. By doing this, the alarm fails to sound when a consumer properly leaves the store.

An EAS TAG Detacher is a device used in retail establishments that is intended to remove or disable security tags from products. Retailers frequently utilize security tags to discourage theft and stop larceny. The security tag is released or deactivated by the cashier using a detacher when a customer makes a purchase, enabling the customer to exit the shop without triggering any alarms.

5. The durability of AM EAS Tags

AM EAS Tags are made to be robust and long-lasting. They are resistant to wear and tear, temperature fluctuations, and regular handling during shipping and stocking.

6. Commonly Used in Clothing

The clothing sector regularly uses AM EAS labels because of their subtle size and efficiency. They are often embedded into garment tags or pleasantly fixed to products.

7. Suitable for Sensormatic Systems

Several AM EAS Tags are compatible with Sensormatic Systems, which is one of the top suppliers of EAS systems. Because of this interoperability, retailers can select different systems and labels according to their requirements.

8. Reduced False Alarms

Modern AM EAS systems use technology to lower the number of false alarms. Sophisticated signal processing and filtering algorithms that differentiate between real threats and disturbance from the surroundings are used to achieve this.

9. Source Labeling

During the manufacturing process, AM EAS labels are directly embedded into items as part of the source tagging procedure. As the merchandise is pre-tagged and prepared for the sales floor, this method simplifies the security procedure for retailers.

10. Worldwide Acceptance

Retailers of all sizes use AM EAS technology worldwide. It is a well-liked option in the retail security scene because of its efficiency in preventing theft and its compatibility with various goods.

To sum up, AM EAS tags are essential to preserving the safety of stores. For years EAS AM tags have been providing businesses with a secure method to safeguard their inventory and improve their consumers' entire buying experiences.

Since the detection of EAS tags by the EAS gate system is automatic, it provides consumers with a smooth shopping experience and allows store owners to deter shoplifting inside the store.

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  • Created on Dec 19, 2023

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