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Impinj R700 or Impinj R720 Fixed RFID Reader? Major Differences

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Feb 02, 2024
  • RFID
Impinj R700 or R720 Fixed RFID Reader? How to Choose?

In the world of modern business, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. To achieve these goals, companies are increasingly turning to advanced technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) systems.

When it comes to selecting the right RFID Reader that fits your budget and necessarily gets the job done, a little bit of research and comparison between various RFID Scanners available in the market is unavoidable. More importantly, one should consider doing thorough research about some of the top choices one might go with, after all, one must find a balance between the implementation costs and the specific needs the application(s) requires. Among the many options available, the Impinj R700 and R720 Fixed RFID Readers stand out as robust and innovative solutions.

In 2020, Impinj launched the R700 UHF RFID Reader and in November 2023, they also launched the Impinj R720 UHF RFID Reader which packs more processing power than the previous RFID Readers including R700.

"The Impinj R720 reader delivers powerful edge processing to support application software and algorithms that collect and manage enterprise data at the source. Backed by Impinj’s industry-leading readability, the Impinj R720 further expands the capabilities of Impinj’s RAIN RFID platform."

-Jeff Dossett, Impinj chief revenue officer

With the growing demand for reliable, real-time data collection about every item enterprises manufacture and sell, the Impinj R700 Fixed RFID Reader series has become a top choice for businesses looking to streamline manufacturing and supply chains.

Let’s delve into the similarities and differences between these two devices, exploring how they can benefit various businesses.

Impinj R700 or R720 Fixed RFID Reader? How to Choose?

Differences between Impinj R700 and R720 UHF RFID Readers

1. Performance

The Impinj R700 and R720 differ in terms of performance capabilities. The R720 is a newer addition to the Impinj R700 series Fixed RFID Readers and offers high performance, enterprise-level reliability, and edge applications. The R720 easily integrates with IoT infrastructure and offers seamless data collection and data sharing over the Internet.

2. Processing Power

The Impinj R720 RFID Reader boasts a higher processing power compared to the R700. With a Qualcomm QCS404 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, the R720 can handle large amounts of data and perform complex operations, making it suitable for high-volume applications. In contrast, the R700 features a Qualcomm QCS404 1 GHz dual-core processor, which is still capable of handling most business needs but may be better suited for smaller-scale operations.

3. Power Sources

Another difference between Impinj R700 and R720 RFID readers is that R700 supports 802.3at PoE+ and 802.3af PoE power sources while Impinj R720 only works with 802.3at PoE+.

The Impinj R700 also comes with only a 128MB custom-application partition (CAP) which can be upgraded to 256MB with the latest v. 8.2 firmware support. The R720 comes with 256 MB CAP in-built. Both the UHF Fixed Readers feature 1024MB RAM offering high performance.

Similarities between Impinj R700 and R720 Fixed RFID Readers

1. Connectivity

Both the R700 and R720 support various connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, and GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output), allowing seamless integration into existing systems. This compatibility ensures easy data transfer and integration with other business processes.

2. Antenna Ports

Another similarity is the number of antenna ports. The R700 and R720 RFID Scanners, both come with four antenna ports, providing flexibility to cover larger areas and enabling simultaneous reading from multiple directions.

3. Advanced Features

 Both devices offer advanced features such as tag streaming, which enables continuous data capture, High RF sensitivity, 32 read zones, 33 dBm max transmit power, and support for industry-standard protocols like EPCglobal Gen2v2 and ISO 18000-63. These features ensure reliable and accurate data collection, enhancing inventory management and asset tracking capabilities for businesses.

Benefits for Businesses

1. Real-time Inventory Visibility

The Impinj R700 and R720 enable businesses to automate their operations, reducing the need for manual processes. The readers provide real-time visibility into inventory, assets, and workflows, which results in streamlined operations, minimized errors, and improved overall efficiency.

2. Enhanced Tag Reading Accuracy

With their high read rates of 1100 tags per second and advanced algorithms, both the R700 and R720 ensure accurate data capture. This accuracy eliminates human error, leading to improved inventory accuracy, better customer service, and reduced losses due to misplaced or missing items.

3. Scalability

Both devices are designed to scale with the growing needs of businesses. Whether it's expanding the coverage area, integrating additional devices, or handling increased data volumes, the R700 and R720 can adapt to evolving business requirements, providing a future-proof solution.

To summarize, the Impinj R700 and R720 Fixed RFID Readers offer businesses a powerful means of automating operations and enhancing efficiency. While each device has its unique strengths and capabilities, they share common features that promote accuracy and scalability. The newly launched R720 RFID readers are designed to offer high performance, enterprise-level reliability, and efficient data collection and data sharing within the IoT infrastructure.

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