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Perfect ID: Get Customized RFID Tags Tailored to Specific Applications

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Mar 14, 2024
  • RFID
Get Customized RFID Tags Tailored to Specific Applications

The role of RFID technology in modern asset tracking and asset management applications cannot be stressed enough. The AIDC technology is so efficient that many retailers and supply chain businesses have completely switched to RFID technology, leaving behind the decades-old barcoding. Ironically it was the companies like Walmart, P&G, etc. that pioneered the RFID development in the early 2000s and with the invention of EPC (Electronic Product Code), the retail ‘out of stock’ problem was effectively solved. 

RFID label, a small electronic tag with a microchip and antenna, wrapped in a substrate for durability can provide remote asset identification and tracking. However one cannot always use off-the-shelf RFID tags for various asset tagging and tracking purposes, especially in asset management applications where you often need to tag metal assets, small assets, and assets that have very little space for any kind of tagging. 

Perfect ID India Private Limited, a prominent RFID tag manufacturing company in India offers customized special RFID tags that are designed for specific applications. A Syrma group company, Perfect ID has years of experience in RFID and IoT design and innovation, offering the industry's best AIDC, and IoT solutions for businesses in Retail, IT asset management, Supply chain and logistics, Manufacturing, Inventory management, etc. 

Customized RFID Hard Tags and Labels

In today's fast-paced world, efficient inventory management and asset tracking are essential for businesses across various industries. To cater to the specific needs of different applications, customized RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels and RFID hard tags can be the ideal choice instead of going for off-the-shelf RFID labels. Customizable RFID tags enable seamless tracking and monitoring of valuable assets, ranging from IT equipment to jewelry and metal assets. 

Perfect ID provides a wide range of customized RFID tags with specific requirements in terms of dimensions, form factor, substrate material, features, etc. These tags can also be customized in terms of printing and encoding. On the label's surface, one can print the brand logo, serial no., and barcode no. as well. 

Customized RFID Tags and Some Specific Applications

Here are some specific use cases where customized RFID tags by Perfect ID benefit the business owners:

Customized RFID Tags for IT Asset Tracking

Customized RFID labels and hard tags have become indispensable tools for IT asset tracking. These RFID tags can be attached to laptops, servers, or other valuable IT assets, allowing businesses to easily monitor their location, usage, and maintenance history. It can be done by using an RFID handheld reader or a fixed reader. It ensures greater security, minimizes the risk of theft, and streamlines asset audits. Customization options for IT asset tags include tamper-proof features, unique identification codes, and durable materials that can withstand harsh environments. Since many laptops and other IT assets are made of metals, special mount-on-metal RFID tags can be used to offer efficient asset tracking, overcoming metal interference. 

Customized RFID Tags for Inventory Management

Customized RFID labels and hard tags have revolutionized inventory management systems as well, providing real-time visibility and accurate tracking of stock levels. One can encode necessary information about inventory items in RFID labels or tags to automate inventory control processes. The necessary information can be interrogated with the help of an RFID handheld scanner, allowing for efficient monitoring, replenishment, and loss prevention. Additionally, such RFID tagging enables faster and more accurate stocktaking, reducing human errors and improving overall efficiency.

Customized RFID Tags for Jewelry Tracking

The jewelry industry heavily relies on customized RFID labels and hard tags for efficient inventory management and traceability.

Since many valuable jewelry items are small in size, Perfect ID offers small form factor RFID tags, fitting the dimension requirements of jewelry businesses. Specific customizations for jewelry tracking tags include small form factors, aesthetically pleasing designs, and anti-tampering features.

These RFID labels can be discreetly applied on jewelry items, uniquely identifying and tracking them throughout the supply chain. It enhances security against theft and counterfeiting (PID dual frequency RFID labels are perfect for that) while expediting stock management and improving customer service as well.

Customized RFID Tags for Asset Management

In asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing and logistics, customized RFID labels and hard tags play a crucial role in streamlining asset management processes. These tags enable businesses to monitor the location, usage history, and maintenance schedules of various assets, including machinery, vehicles, and equipment. Customization options include rugged materials for harsh environments, anti-collision features to track multiple assets simultaneously, and integration with existing asset management systems.

Customized RFID Tags for Metal Asset Tagging

Traditional asset-tracking technologies often struggle with metal assets due to interference. However, customized RFID labels and hard tags have overcome this challenge, making metal asset tagging highly effective. Perfect ID offers specialized RFID tags namely Anti-metal tags which are designed to withstand metal surfaces, allowing businesses to accurately track and manage metal assets such as tools, machinery, and containers. Other customizations include high-temperature resistance, anti-vibration features, and attachment options suitable for different metal surfaces.

To conclude, customized RFID labels and hard tags have revolutionized various industries' inventory management, asset tracking, and security processes. These advanced technologies offered by Perfect ID provide businesses with real-time visibility, accurate tracking, and improved efficiency. With a wide range of customization options, Perfect ID can tailor the tags to meet clients’ specific needs, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems and workflows. 

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