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Why are QR Codes trending in the 2020s?

Why are QR Codes trending in the 2020s?

In this digital era, QR Codes, despite being a 30-year-old technology, are still as popular as ever. The integration of QR Codes is constantly transforming various industries; In the 2020s, QR Code technology is everywhere. We are using them in many industries, including retail, healthcare, and electronics.

The popularity of QR Codes has experienced growth post-pandemic. QR Code usage in 2019 saw a sudden boost, with an estimated 5.3 billion QR Code coupons redeemed globally. They continued to escalate in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic boosted the market for touch-free, wireless technologies. We used QR Codes for contactless transactions, digital menus, and health check-ins. By 2021, the number of mobile payment users utilizing QR Codes had surpassed 2 billion globally. As various businesses started using QR Codes in their marketing, digital payment, and operational strategies, 2023 witnessed a rise in QR Code scans with an estimated 3.4 billion monthly active users globally. 

Today, QR Codes have become an important part of various industries and our everyday lives. They are now used for marketing, payments, information sharing, and more. 

Why QR Codes are still trending in the 2020s?

In 1994, a Japanese company called Denso Wave created the first QR Codes, which are a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode. With the ability to store large amounts of data, QR Codes have quickly gained popularity due to their ability to store website links (URL), SMS, email, PDFs, images, etc., which can be scanned with smartphones.

QR Codes have evolved to be on trend for the following reasons:

1. QR Codes have a large data storage capacity

A QR Code can store up to 3 KB, i.e. 7,089 numeric characters, or 4,269 alphanumeric characters of encoded data. It can store information related to inventory tracking, sales registry, supply chain management, mobile marketing, and logistics, along with URLs, images, and texts. Depending on how the QR pattern is arranged, it can encode data vertically or horizontally.

2. QR Code can do error correction

QR Codes offer error correction abilities, one of the biggest requirements for various businesses. In the case of dirty or damaged QR Codes, the codes are capable of error correction and restoring data. Compared to its predecessor, the second-generation barcode has a greater error margin, which ranges from 7–30%.

3. QR Codes are easy to scan

They can be read from 3 feet away, offering 360-degree scanning abilities. You can use a barcode scanner or a smartphone to scan a QR Code pretty easily.

4. QR Codes are easy to use

QR Codes are easy to use because you just need a smartphone to access information very quickly (in nanoseconds). You can easily generate a QR Code using online QR-generating platforms including the RS lens-QR code scanner app, available at Google Play Store.

5. QR Code is a cost-effective solution

QR Codes are cost-effective because the creation and implementation of QR Codes require minimal expenses, as generating QR Codes is often a free or low-cost process. Apart from that, it saves a lot of money on maintenance and increases the efficiency of machines and equipment.

6. QR Codes are a trending technology

As of now, we’ve discussed the road map or evolution of QR Codes since they were developed. However, the main reason behind the popularity of QR Codes is associated with the rise of smartphones and their compatibility with scanning QR Codes. MNCs like Apple also recognized the potential of QR Codes and added an inbuilt QR Code to their native cameras because QR Codes became so popular that Apple could not ignore them.

7. QR Codes are highly customizable

QR Codes are highly customizable technology. We all know that earlier they were limited to black and white style, but now they can be more colorful, attractive, and fascinating QR Codes. With different colors, logos, and shapes, they easily grab the customer's attention.

8. Popularity of QR Codes: Digital Payment and Advertising 

We all know that QR Code technology is dominating the world. In India, we scan QR Codes for our daily payments. Lots of users make payments with the QR Code using the popular UPI interface launched by RBI. Popular brands such as Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. have hundreds of millions of users that use the UPI-QR interface for digital payments. 

QR Codes are also the go-to option for advertising and marketing companies. Given the rise of smartphones and high smartphone penetration across the globe, QR Codes have become a trendy choice for marketers, allowing them to advertise and share information physically and digitally. 

To conclude, QR Codes have come a long way since they were developed in the 1990s. They provide convenience, safety, and marketing potential. So, it is no surprise that they are trending in the 2020s. Due to the current business scenario, most companies are seeking ways to advertise touchless services. In this regard, QR Codes represent convenience with quick data access. They are versatile for creative applications across various industries, from marketing and advertising to healthcare and retail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Why have QR Codes become so popular in recent years?

QR Codes have become so popular because they offer a contactless solution for various activities, such as payments, menu access, and information retrieval, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q2) What are the various benefits of using QR Codes?

1. QR Codes provide a contactless and hygienic way to access information.

2. With just a quick scan through a smartphone, users can instantly access websites, promotions, discounts, and much more.

3. QR Codes are highly versatile and can be placed on various mediums, such as posters, flyers, product packaging, and clothing.

Q3) How do QR Codes contribute to customer engagement in the 2020s?

Businesses use QR Codes for promotions, loyalty programs, and product information, which allow customers to engage with content effortlessly.

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  • Created on Jan 05, 2024
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